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The flavour is incredible :)
Now we're cookin'
Our first week here has been phenomenal and we can't thank the community enough for the support. Your purchases, kind comments and reviews have made this a most rewarding experience.

We have started to notice increased interest in our store and today we experience our first big wave of orders. While caught a little off guard, this is a very exciting time and lets us know we're on the right track. Due to how sudden the orders came in, we had to get baking and fast. We made more than enough to see us through the coming week however 3 of the orders from this morning were not ready in time to be collected today. They will be posted tonight and collected in the morning with a free cookie as an apology for the delay. If your order was effected you will be notified in a message.

Also, we will be listing a new strain 'Fruity Pebbles' in the next day or two, keep an eye out for that. It is almost as delicious as our edibles.


PMD POPCORN BUDS * SOLD OUT * Quality PMD Shake Available For a Limited Time. 11/08/20
Title says it all, sorry to those that missed out but the buds sold very fast.

Good quality shake still available but that will go very soon.

PM me if you're interested but please, only established members.

Newbies I'm sorry, but I won't sell to you until you have a reputation. You have a very select few unscrupulous members to blame for this.

Thanks guys.

Cheers BB
Thank You To A Great Vendor!
As the title says, just wanted to give a shoutout to Ammunation_ for being a genuinely nice guy/gal and an all around good human being. Let me just state now **I do not know Ammunation personally and have yet to purchase anything from them**

I made a post a few weeks ago asking for advice for treating Arthritis with CBD, specifically topical ointment or drops and the response was overwhelming. LB truly is a great little community and thank you to everyone who commented with advice, there are too many of you to name and that particular post was for helping my Mother treat her condition so again, thank you!

Ammunation reached out to me and offered to ship me a sample for free of CBD tincture with 0% THC present (which was exactly what I was after). Not only would he not take anything for postage, he actually sent me a full bottle and honestly mate, I just wanted to say thank you for the kind gesture and I hope it comes back to you ten fold in sales and general karma in life.

For anybody interested, my Mother tried 4 drops under the tongue awhile ago and rubbed a little on her wrist. She says that she can feel it soothing and is genuinely amazed at how quickly it is working, as am I.

So again, thank you Ammunation! Much love,
Not as described
I got sent brown mouldy crap last week & so i ordered dirty old bastard & this is wrong too.
Ill not be buying from TGT again if they can't get a simple order correct
Stroking bastard
I ordered 7g DogWalker & got brown mouldy crap & was only offered 50% reship so I ordered 7g ''premium" Dirty OldBASTARD & got more crap bud & not "premium" as described.
2 orders screwed up in just 7days
Not Happy!!!!!!!!
Doesn’t look like the pic at all to be fair but what’s actually up with it? Was initially tempted myself but recently learnt that premium doesn’t seem to mean shit on here from my experiences so far. Just an excuse for vendors to charge fucking stupid prices (literally double compared to local) for bang average smoke. Taking the piss on here with the pricing at the mo so I feel your pain. These vendors need to get real, most of the weed on here shouldn’t be being sold for more than £10s a g absolute tops.
British Bulldogs Purple Moby Dick Popcorn Buds Pics
Hey Biggaz,
Hope you all continue to be well during these ongoing strange times.
First off, I have no connection to BB, sadly : ( I'm just a stoner who appreciates a good seller.
This was my first order from BB, though I've been wanting to try some of their bud since reading positive things about them on LB.
I think the Cannabis Gods are on my side at the moment because this arrived in LESS than 24 hours, I kid you not. The stealth is next level, it cannot be faulted.
Described as popcorn buds, these are wonderful little, & not so little, nuggets of joy : )
Beautifully trimmed (must of taken ages!) & cured, a bud of many colours. It's a very smooth smoke that hits immediately. I've been walking around with a smile on my face for the last few hours. Very soothing effect, with a sense of "all is well with the world".
I couldn't recommend British Bulldog enough, excellent communication, amazing price & above all a lovingly grown & nurtured bit of bud.
Thank you very much BB, enjoy the pics.
I sent him a message, he got a custom order sorted out for me no problem and I will report back in a few days. Thanks for that dude.
This bang on 4g nug of Elphinstone.
SOOOOOOO good!!!!