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So little iffy has refused to do anything about this even though there is no evidence and blatantly obvious that this is an unfair. I have also been advised to restart my account with higher weed prices...

But I don't understand who that will benifit?

Not myself who is happy with these prices or you the customer?

It feels like there is some major bullying going on here and I am not the type to buckle so my weed will remain at great prices and I will not change my account
Dont worry we hope to have you covered in the not too distant future! We may soon be able to stock some oz’s at around the £200 mark, bare with us as this is still work in progress - the grade will still be of an extremely high standard but grown within the UK - keep your eyes peeled as we plan to update you on this as soon as possible! Thanks again :)
My favourite strain is called about 200 an ounce. Can we get some of that around here?
Absolutely! White widow is a fantastic smoke. Also very good for women and our associated stomach issues! ? can’t get it anymore.
Stock take and it’s low !!!
Love the feedback and fire you guys&girls are giving us at the bonneville ranch we are truly humbled, thank you !!
Just a heads up though we have checked our stocks and they are very low .... all orders already in can get serviced don’t worry about that.... we’re having a stock check tonight ASAP to service DM’d custom orders we’ve received!! Will keep everyone updated so please keep a keen eye on our page . Thank you.
You might want to consider CBD Hemp King.....
I really rate the buds and service at www.cleverbotanics.com for CBD buds (with no THC) and you don't have to use btc which is a bonus.
Holy Bud Mother of God

This stuff is from another planet!!

When i read previous posts about Smoggys Mimosa, it sounded like and Urban Legend.

Smoking it now, and fuck me sideways on a Sunday!!!

Smoothe, tasty, sweet and with a stink of cat sick too lol

Fucking Champ Smoggy, and thanks for sorting order mate!!!

till next time (few days no doubt)!

Everyone else, grab some!!!
thanks all for the replies, hopefully it’ll arrive tomorrow. I’ll keep this thread updated :)
Wasting your time with this one.

I questioned the legitimacy of these once on a thread and I left it there, it's up to them what they do, do I know if the packs are real or not 100%? No, not at all.. just my opinion.

What I have taken from this is pretty clear though.

"The importer's supplier in California where the packs are imported from could perhaps have supplied a counterfeit product"


"The other issue is that we have paid for the packs, at a level that is the going rate for such packs. To provide a refund in full would leave us out of pocket"