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Alien dawg ? More like ufo abducted
Started smoking this strain long before i used LB its an amazing strain spaces me right out for a good 60/90 mins the flavours are di beautiful i just love it if you’re looking for a top strain (including my favourite)on LB don’t waste your $ trying multiple vendors the green team offer 1st class service with exceptional customer service and delivery time big up THE GREEN TEAM AND of course alien dawg ,so cant wait to receive my order of alien dawg and sherbet sorbot .
Stay safe guy AJ
It’s lovely jubbly, very nice indeed. Fine example of the strain, decent medium sized buds, very dense. Trimmed and cured to perfection. Was very happy with this one. If your getting a bigger deal go for the tub add on it’s worth it saves any squishy bud from the vacuum sealer.
Lovely fresh batch, ready for despatch in 24 hours
Loving all these fresh batches.
Hope pic works
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