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This idea is amazing bro !! especially in this period of quarantine being able to photograph would be an excellent anti-stress ahaha
Great deal bro, it's about a year that I have it and it's amazing, especially for how efficient and cheap it is. Faithful flavors and practically infinite balloons ahah it's amazing!
hahaha I agree, I'm just still new and I would like to avoid making a mistake, but I repeat, soon MJ and I will be better friends like forest and booba ahah
yes I'm too curious to try MJ cartridges, I saw that in LB they are a must !! But he does not use pgp and now I am a little uncomfortable, but in a month I will be his best friend haha
I love flowers and everything that can be produced with them but where I am located I prefer to support the local economy hahaha thanks anyway for the interest, and who knows sooner or later :)
it is the same thing that I thought too, but unfortunately I live in Sardinia, an island present in Italy. I'm afraid there is further control but you only live once, don't you think? ahaha sooner or later I'll try
Wow bro would be a fantastic thing to be able to collaborate together, I was aiming more for cartridges than for flowers, even if the love for them is so much! Unfortunately, however, to order flowers is a bit risky right now in Italy, don't you think?
But believe me that being able to collaborate in this way would be great for me
Thank you, I am doing this in order to have my prawn boat with booba
haha i understand you bro, our luck that we can work from home
Hello everyone, I have been here for a couple of days and I admire all this but only today can I find a way to greet you!
I wanted to congratulate every person who makes this possible, I can't wait to make the first purchase!

Ps. If anyone needed, in life before the pandemic I was a graphic designer / photographer! haha

Greetings again, and you're great!