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Yeah unfortunately they have no bother kicking down your door and giving you a day in court where I'm based lol. A friend of mine usually has 3 on the go at a time in a grow tent in the spare room but that's a bit mad for me. I only made a post recently asking people for advice on smell proofing my stash, don't think I could swing a mini grow-op but I would love to try and grow my own at some stage. From seed to bud must be a greet feeling
I'm in NI so I feel your pain about the shit weed we get (I do enjoy those UK NDDs). But as far as growing your own you can do it in a surprisingly small space and for a small budget. I have an old wardrobe in the spare room I've converted into a grow box. Got everything from b&q and screwfix, cost about £100 in total. Only really room for a single plant at a time but it's an ounce or two every few months for very little effort. Although from what I hear the law seems to come down a lot harder on weed related stuff on your side of the border so I kind of understand your nervousness around it.
This fucking comment! I have been saying this for years now. Ireland has been getting the reject bud and hash since the 90s and people who do get in decent weed try to call it "cali" and gouge the shit out of the price.

In recent years I have been able to source some half decent green but nobody ever knows what it's called so whether it's an Indica or Sativa is a lucky dip and I'm ashamed to say I have bought some of the worst weed over the years as it was all I could get my hands.

If I had the space / balls to grow my own I would but, it is what it is. If i could sort a decent and reliable plug for bars or upwards I would 100% be doing it. Not only is there serious money to be made but this poor little island has been in the shit long enough, we deserve a break when it comes to getting decent weed supplied.

Maybe some day.....
Nice yeah you should look forward to that arriving you're in for a treat!
you'll get plenty of joints out of it, no need to put mad amounts in a joint trust me, you'll soon know when you've put too much in lol
but yeah 1g of crumble will last me for about 7g's worth of flower with the ratio i'm using in joints!
Its only the 21/5 now :-)
Im down South myself. It comes down to what sorting office it gets sent to and how busy your local postie is. Was talking to mine the other day and he said they were flat out so it'a just a waiting game really bud. Hope all the goodies come through though!
Vendors delivering to Ireland!
Pretty new here and see this question all the time so thought I would put this together for all new users. You can read away and hopefully help you to judge your next purchase, will be updating as time goes on.

As it stands these are the vendors that deliver to Ireland, that I have experience with.

Shop here: The Green Team
Known for: Good quality mid priced hash and weed
Deliver to Ireland: Yes
First order that I put in on LB. Took as while but to be expected the way things are. Great stealth. Solid greenery and 10/10 based on it matching description.

Shop here: MJ Concentrates
Known for: Good quality concentrates and edibles
Deliver to Ireland: Yes
Contacted seller about potential stock. Immediately responded and had no issue putting together a custom order. Still awaiting arrival. Will update

Shop here: Radar Breeder
Known for: Good quality bargain priced hash and weed
Deliver to Ireland: Yes
Still awaiting arrival. Will update

Shop here: UK420
Known for: Mid to high priced weed
Deliver to Ireland: Yes
Still awaiting arrival but seller took five days after payment to post. Will update

Shop here: Gods Connect
Known for: High priced Cali and import weed
Shops looks good but lacking photos. Contacted seller about potential order but waiting for a response. Will update

As you can see not much action here but am writing this to let people know what vendors deliver to Ireland, and also to know a little bit more about somebody else's orders as it can be intimidating to put in an order sometimes
Ye it would be great man, but the few lads that were selling stuff hear got real bad reports as you'd expect, they didn't last long, the only way would be to import a decent amount of stuff and start there, a couple of grand would prob get enough to start, hopefully 1 day
Man the smoke that comes into ireland is pure dirt, other countries would not take it, so we do, always have and always will, unless some1 is growing there own, but most people growing there own haven't enough to start a business on hear, I would love to see a good Irish vendor with quality stuff
Will update on home page when and if going to restart. JJ