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Perfect... Itching now!
Thanks man
Assume some of ye boys are Irish.
I ordered from another vendor on the 28th of April and it arrived the 30th, a good 3 weeks later.
I think the post here is fucked, in terms of letter coming from the UK.
Waiting on another order from RB which I ordered this week.
Have ordered many time before from him and has come in about 6 or 7 days, but the post situation at the moment seems to be fucked here.
I am just going to assume 3 weeks is the time frame now.
RB has always sorted me out and I assume they are getting about 500 message a day.....
I would just keep the faith and keep a bit of emergency smoke to get you through the delays!
Sounds unreal.
Just ordered myself there.
Just gonna throw it into joints too.
You get many joints off it this way while still getting a good buzz off it?
Hi All,
Just an FYI.
Ordered from TGT on the 30th.
Received the order today, 3 weeks later.
Hopefully this give people some hope!
Smoke on.....
Just came through today.
3 weeks from sent date.
Would say the post is fucked but at least it is coming through!
Quality.... When you do this you fuck?!
Thanks for the update man.
Waiting about 2 weeks for tgt, hopefully will come by Friday.
About 7 days for gc so that might come either.
Where you based? If you don't mind me asking. Just give me something by the weekend and I will survive!
Mine were coming through really fast from rb, based in kildare, but mates in Clare were waiting way longer and lots didn't show up. I'd say it may be depending where you are in country...
Irish Delivery Timelines
Just looking to see if anyone has any timelines as to when packages might arrive (I know this isn't an exact science). Lots of people have been going off on vendors, but think it is the Post being fucked.....
I am waiting just over 2 weeks for an order from TGT, anyone see these timeframes recently (Mid - May '20).
Also have one from GC and made an order with RB....Can't control myself. Just hoping they are all not sniffed out by that bastard dog in Athlone.
Any timelines would help ease the Anxiety!
It is a bag of shit to be fair.
Surely there has to be one fella growing a bit of nice shit in Ireland!
Hopefully one day, they can get on this and there will be an Irish NDD.....that would be the dream
Any Irish Vendors out there??! Killing to be made
Have seen a lot of comments on LB about delays in shipping, particularly people ordering NDD and getting it 2 days later.....this is shit but an extra day to get sorted would be a dream to me.
Essentially, ordering to Ireland is an ordeal. It can take anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks for a package to arrive, if it every does. It seems that customs here are upping their game also, with seizures and packages arriving with no product.
You probably don't and that is cool, if I had NDD of all the shit on here the last thing I would give a fuck about is some c*nts on an island off and Island off Europe.
But.....if there is anyone here who is living in Ireland who could set up as a vendor there is a massive opportunity!!
I know for a fact there are a shit load of Irish on this making orders and if an Irish vendor was available & reliable, they would mop up!
So please.....Come on you boys in GREEN!