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I have had the same happen to me now, i am contacting transaxe as suggested and contacted seller, so hopefully is okay for me too
This is one of the reasons I decided to make my own brand, I know exactly what goes into it and there is no question, that it is a legit MJC product. Because who would want to copy me?!
Another disappointed customer
Ordered ndd and still hasn't arrived and guess what, NO FUCKING REPLIES FROM RB. I won't be back, :-)
The Green Team sorted this out, no fuss, no messages, just sent out the order. Super happy - I'll stick with them.
Just give the btc address to transaxe support and Bobs your uncle
Hey biggers i have seen a couple of others have this issue when vendors have replied to there blogg post from buyers they havent logged in when making order as sometimes your logged out automatically so the order doesn’t show on your account all vendors i have dealt with so far have been successful so maybe this could be your issue
0.5ml lasts me about two weeks at around 7 - 10 hits a day.

But, I also smoke joints, dab all the good shit and inhale edibles like it was my last meal.... I could do with a T break.
hello sir

sorry sir we are replying to all messages tonight.

kind regards
Order that never was
So I made an order from this vendor, (in the meantime 4 other orders have been made and delivered from other vendors) and from looking at reviews they sold out apparently before I even ordered it. Tried to contact them but they only respond when it suits them which is sparse.
I really don’t want to go down the dispute route over an 1/8 of hash but I also feel like people shouldn’t be allowed to get away with ripping you off like this any advice from LB?