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Strawberry Cheesecake Cart Review - 10/10
Well, after months of seeing these on MJC's page, I finally took the plunge. Recently I've become too attached to my vape, much like I used to be to my joints and tobacco. I haven't smoked for 2 years, opting for edibles and vaped weed. My tolerance has been rising steadily, as have the costs to remain medicated using decent flower. After sampling other wares from MJC, I was certain I would be pleased with the distillate carts. However, I was not prepared for the effects!

The package arrived, as usual, swiftly and stealthily. I bought the iMini and a cart to go with it. Both arrived well packed. I think the carts come in tubes now, but the brown paper bag and sticker was a really nice touch, bringing back old-school sweet shop vibes to mind.

The cart was a breeze to install. I fired it up and hit it. Boom. The effects came on quickly. Warm buzzing forehead, pressure behind the eyes, and that feeling you get from a huge concentrate dab, as your lungs expand as you try to hold it in. Exhale with a red-eyed cough. This is where I think I was hitting it a little hard, like a bong or a massive joint. However, this kind of use is highly unnecessary. Once I got into the habit of taking a couple of moderate hits and holding it in. Much more effective. The high is warm, buzzy and beautiful. It drifts into a mild couchlock, which when combined with some chilled music and a comfortable chair will melt away stress and pain. The taste and aroma is gorgeous. An interesting strawberry vibe with something else special alongside it.

I truly think distillate is the way forward. It provides a clean hit with truly wondrous effects. It also doesn't eat into your time. You can get super baked in under 30 seconds. The iMini is the epitome of discreet. No one would ever know how high you are getting, unless they looked at your eyes and vacant smile on exhale.

Like 'thegown', 100% what I was after. This will allow me to moderate my usage, dosage and costs. MJC provides a fair, ethical product and service, with great communication, and a genuine regard for their customers, which is rare in 2020.

If you have been sitting on the fence with these, then I can assure you that you'll not be disappointed. If you want to ensure an excellent high, from a trusted and thoughtful vendor, then you've found the right place. MJC is a trailblazer, and as such, I hope others can follow in his footsteps.

Awesome product, service, and high. I've already reordered.
I believe you bud. LB is getting a bit mad with the alts these days I got carried away haha sorry :P
First time shatter
Okay so I seen over in America that the concentrate scene is pretty big and way ahead of our market. Since looking into the concentrates, how it’s made, what it does it’s always appealed to me. So having found MJ Concentrates and looking at this particular product for days I was like I need to get it. So couple days later I have it in hand and a nice surprise of a lovely cannachocholate bar - orange one too (soooooooooo damn nice thank you MJ) back to the blueberry og, oh man this has my head lit!!!! This has opened my eyes to concentrates, it’s smooth, sweet, fruity, thick creamy and bursting with blueberry and og sweetness.
The high hit home heavy in my head then went into the body for a full on chill. This is great stuff it really is and I for one will be back :)
took 3 days and came with free cookie :) well chuffed, would buy again
Much stronger than I expected!
I finally tried this. When I tried I put it on a pretty power variable vape battery. I forget that there was something about power settings in the original item description. Just to make it clear this is my first time trying this type of this vapour. I assumed it should be like normal eliquid + weed effects. It’s much stronger that I expected. So make sure to lower the power of your battery if it was used for normal liquid. Much lower.

After lowering my unit to about 3.5 i was surprised again the flavour was not what I expected either. I thought it was going to taste like normal eliquid such as cola. It tastes like herb, to me it’s tastes and feels very like real weed.

This wasn’t really a review. Just my surprise with the product. I can’t really compare to anything as I never tried others. It’s really amazing. It’s so strong.
Got a few in stock ATM.
MJ cart review - black cherry soda
Black cherry soda, vaping at 2.4v on MJs recommend pen. (Mini from eBay) so smooth. Best flavour so far. Couldn't have been more premium. I prefer this over the thin mint as that hits your throat like a train. So glad I got it before it ran out!
First carts hits like nothing else!
After working in America last summer and trying carts I always hoped to find them over here. After seeing this it seemed too good to be true! Cart arrived today and five tokes later, safe to say I am a baked potato right now. Can’t recommend enough
Review: Critical Hash by RB
A fine, dark caramel coloured, Moroccan style sift Hash with a wonderful smell on opening the package (Double packed, heat sealed mylar ziploc pouch) Excellent stealth as always. The granules were sugary and firm to the touch and arrived uncompressed as the photo shows (3.5 grams). Rolled in the palm of the hand it warms and softens easily and can be moulded into a block. A nugget rolled out very nicely to a dark, oily thread, ready to be placed in a J. The stone is a heavy, relaxing vibe, affecting the body and muscles and ideal night time smoke. This one was apparently from the Chapo stamp and it was really good. A little goes a long way. Thanks to RB for this one.