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You can get products tested through LB for peace of mind
Hey guys! I had an amazing first run with the zkittlez. We now will have our next up Green Crack arriving Monday (Hopefully ready, after a 2 week or so cure). And WOWWIEEE it is looking and smelling amazing. Zkittlez was an extra large batch that luckily most got to try but unfortunately I only have a small amount of Green Crack to go out as I only grew one monster. (I'm now into my run of several different strains) but that means every couple of weeks i'll have a new strain but only a 2-3 ounces of each.

Anyway, I considered doing it Friday but I want to get all the post out on Monday and the few extra days in cure will be better for it. So keep your eyes peeled this is gonna fly out!!

Hi Katy, I got some El Chapo recently, see the pic. Can look darker in different light. It's lovely stuff! Definitely reccomend
It was
different but it was still ok as i hadnt had any soft hash in a while but deffeninly not the same stuff as advertised
This sinky glueberty O g. Smell so so nice , pos man just dropped it ,But got a game Chelmsford 3,hour. Lol jus hand picked about 7nano leaf of buds. Smell has Obviously taking over me now hmm.Big ups katy will have the spiff after the game today :)
Just go on eBay they sell empty capsules. I bought 500 for a couple of quid. I use size 00. You'll need a pipette as well. All I do is bung it all in a clean jar. Put in just enough oil to cover it all. Give it a good stir and put the jar in a saucepan of boiling water. Heat for about 4 hours. Run it through a tea strainer and put in capsules. There are videos on YouTube.
I'm about to experiment with a Moka pot. I'll let you know how that goes. Lol.
Usually takes just over an hour. I usually take one after dinner on a school night and 2 at the weekend :)
Vaping is the way forward. You will love it. :)
The hash looks like a lot of hard work for not a lot of product to me. I infuse it with coconut oil and put it in capsules. Just like dropping a pill then so the temptation to eat another yummy cookie is not there. I'm still quite new to AVB so still experimenting on technique but think I've pretty much got it nailed. My last batch was ace.
Stroking bastard
I ordered 7g DogWalker & got brown mouldy crap & was only offered 50% reship so I ordered 7g ''premium" Dirty OldBASTARD & got more crap bud & not "premium" as described.
2 orders screwed up in just 7days
Not Happy!!!!!!!!
I would just like to add my thoughts if I may Thom on your thread

I think everyone in the world has something they are addicted to...which could be ANYTHING ... edible or not ... drama addicts are best in groups with others who are of the same ilk, just like a hobby club or something.

I am addicted to nature, and cheese ! ... I could not be indoors for to long, also was addicted to being alone...so literally a human can be addicted to anything...best leave everyone to it ... and just worry about you and yours. Addictions come and go. Some take a hold of you. And others are just a 'binge' session that caused the addiction etc

As for anger... I would like to say that if you do not feel anger after grief... it can lead to severe depression... anger is a natural emotion, that is often not 'allowed' .... BUT ... after grief and sorrow and loss...there is an anger period that must be embraced...so that it does not turn inwards, then comes the peace and understanding...but if anger is not tolerated (even in natural circumstances) then we are heading for a very mentally ill planet. Anger must be safely expressed so that the healthier emotions/feelings can surface...and set the brain straight !

I also recently found out that Tinnitus (that ringing in the ears) causes depression and anxiety, to the point where millions are seeking help through the mental hospitals, because of low funding for research into Tinnitus.

I have it... and it drives me mad sometimes... there is no known cure at the mo... I have learned to live with it...and now I barely notice I have it... last week the estimate was 3.6 million sufferers in the UK alone ... who have no where to turn. As very little funding for them to find a cure.

I would like to hear from anyone else who has any solutions for this, or something that works for them in order to cope with it. I have done alot of research over the years...but it would be great to hear from real people about this ?

Just thought I would mention that briefly, as it may help some people understand what they are going through!

Facial/pet/etc hairs that arent from weed in weed
Hey since I’ve been ordering on here is past several months I’ve noticed thats there are several vendors that have hair from their face from their pets in the bud the most of which was the hardest to find in the shake now I’m not saying a particular company because I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s business but I am saying this for the people who are smoking the weed and just dumping it in thinking it’s cool, and you’ve bought shake there is a chance that you’ve smoked here! I have a keen eye and I’ve grown before so I’m so meticulous but like I have a collection of hair