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Lovely little device :)
Never vaped before so my eyes lit up when I came across this lil baby. Hits in a different way than smoking. Can’t figure out how to explain that...cos I’m high as fuck haha. Only had maybe 5 hits off this bad boy....over the last few hours...And my body and mind is content and very very chill. Ordered thin mints, tastes very minty. Super stealthy, can smoke it anywhere.. Happy to add this to my collection, would recommend to anyone wanting to try vaping :) jeez how long have I been writing this haha.

You need to heat it up somehow dude. I had the same issue.. Have you asked them for advice? They’ll answer if you do.

I held it in front of a heater for like 20 secs...a hairdryer would work too.
All samples have been sent out
To all people who responded to me regarding the 0.5g samples
i just would like to let you biggaz know the items have been shipped out today and will be with you shortly

when your smoking away on that stardog, dont forget to give us a review. and dont forget to place an order before the busy christmas period

we have another promotion going on! check out our keif listing

Best regards, THB
Thank you so much Mokum
wish everyone else would leave a review who i sent a sample too

hope to do business in the future

warm regards, THB
Every review matters!
Thank you my wonderful customers for the kind words! don't hesitate to leave a feedback on your custom order as every review matters, available on my wall and effect my rating. it's best to mention what item you're reviewing though.
Much love to all, cheers!
Hey bro, I don't get much vanilla flavour, to me its pure lemon goodness! Caked in THC, lovely and dry, but still sticky and dense.. enjoy!
Lemon Dankness!
Thanks to the UK"s shitty laws, It's always an anxious experience waiting for weed to drop through the door, The last thing you need is a vendor taking ages to reply to messages or delays in shipping etc, For me communication between Vendor and buyer is a big factor, This vendor responded to every message rapidly when i fucked up on postage, They sorted that AND sent the bud Overweight too...Huge thumbs up! Onto the bud, I bought a bit of the Mimosa and a bit of the Gelato x Lemon Betty, They are both stunning, perfectly dried and cured but still sticky, dense and dank!...
The Mimosa has a smell that reminds me of an old grapefruit NYCD cut from waaaaaay back, tastes like pure orange! Outrageous looking and tasting, wasn't sure wether to frame it or smoke it! The Lemon Betty x Gelato tastes like a really, really, really nice Lemon haze, This stuff really tighens the throat and smashes you straight in the face...in a nice way lol..
They are both Top shelf strains for sure....Expensive, but you pay for what you get.
Great vendor, great bud, Stealth was perfect and arrived very next day!! I Will be back!

Ticks all my boxes:

Next day Special delivery...Tick.
Quick reply times to messages...Tick.

Thanks Smoggyman.
you realised right, the threats i received were vile. Maybe others find it funny but I guess i'm too old for all this internet gangsta bs. Im not sure if you are just trying to stir the pot or whether you want a reaction from me. either way i wish you a good day sir
Again my apologies Panch123. I mean that.
So you've ordered from Sticky, and if i'm not mistaken had a sample from budbros, happy bear and now Dank2000? you are obviously a very trusting person to try out all these new vendors.

and yes too soon, poor taste actually imo.