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no worries mate. really comes down to personal preference but I like a nice haze or mimosa. half the fun for me is trying new strains. look at the genetics when you buy so you get an idea for what works best for you. maybe try a heavy indica for the pain. let me know if you need me to look over any listings for you before buying.
Easier said than done but booze should be a last resort. Hope the weed helps you; and would be my recommendation. Listen to the doctor if it doesn't.
feel free to blame me if you're disapointed. you won't be though. I'd rate this as in the top 1% of weed I've bought on lb this year.
The Monalisa of Mimosa
Mimosa is one of my favourite strains so had to grab a little of this and very glad I did.

The nugs are yuge, compact and glistening inside and out with crystals. The citrus flavour is on point like any top Mimosa.

The stealth provided while preserving the buds is worth mentioning as excellent too.

I would highly recommend grabbing some of this while there's still some left. Unlikely to get a better example of Mimosa in the UK. Hats off to you smoggyman.

how you guys preparing to stay high around the holidays? buying ahead or worry later?
at least let the reviews come. I don't have a horse in this race but seems unwise to jump on every new seller who lists here. no idea if this is cali weed or not but there's always going to be a market for it the same way you can spend £100 on a bottle of bubbly. the seller has reasonably priced UK bud for sale, so it's not like it's all the type of product you might not like. it's all about choice.
fair play to your replies. seen some vendors flip out when challenged so good to see this.
they always look after you with any problem from my experience. can't ask for much more than that.
special delivery orders sent next day if order went in before 12 midnight Sunday-Thurs going by their profile. if u put it in later, it'd go into the next day before it goes out.

no seller can go to the same post office dropping off 100s of ndd parcels day in day out. chances are they have runners who go to different sites. presumably all of this takes a little preparation.

give it a day and if you dont get it soon give them a quick message and they'll sort you out. had plenty of orders with special delivery with these guys and it always turns up usually in about 2 working days. but shit can go wrong sometimes too.

hope you get your package soon mate