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Cheers buddy,
Was hoping someone might know a decent source if no vendors here.
Completely understand it goes against the grain of this place. Maybe someone can drop me a message off topic if they know a good uk source?
Cher’s in advance all. :)
Something like Etherium would be ideal as it’s available like Bitcoin and easy to buy and less expensive all round regarding fees etc. Come on LB, get it sorted!!!!
Otherwise transactions on here will literally be unviable and folk will just go elsewhere due to prohibitive costs.
The clock is ticking and this whole place could suffer irreparable damage......
Agree with all the comments here, ridiculous at this stage that other forms aren’t accepted. It’s beneficial for all of us and it has to change.
BTC fees and charges make buying an unnecessarily expensive transaction.
Now that Musk and his billionaire buddies have moved in its lost all its charm and viability as all these clowns want is to make huge profits which has affected us all.
Time to bail out and leave them to it. Trust the rich to spoil things for everyone else again....
Looks like I missed the caramello damn it! The dragonfly looks lovely but a bit too expensive for my budget. Hope you get some more similar to that lovely Maroc/Caramello dark oily hash back in dude.
Cheers Mick, I was a bit apprehensive about asking. Cool and understood if it’s frowned upon. Can always delete my post if it crosses any guidelines etc.
Looking at that lovely caramello and drooling brother.
I think some of that may be my next purchase from you!
My last batch from you was so nice I’ve put a little aside to save for a special occasion!
Thanks for these beautiful hash varieties, you’re my favourite seller on here.
Just pulled the trigger on half Oz. Always intrigued by a budget strain and having had some of THE PROVIDER’s other hash which was top quality, I’m sure this won’t disappoint...
Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Will be ordering some.
So looking through some of the topics mention psychedelics like shrooms, good LSD.
Anyone know of any decent MDMA or Ecstasy?
Usually get mine from a decent source but interested to see if anyone has any decent wares....
Cheers in advance.
I love your Maroc which has a lovely mellow stone. Then the Indian hand rubbed is nice and fruity. Both have a lovely natural taste and high. Not like the super strong chemically processed and sifted hashes which can be rather harsh and rather paranoia inducing.
Yours have a completely different ‘happy’ but pure vibe to them if that makes sense.
Definitely nice and relaxing.
Proper hand rubbed hash like this is hard to find in the U.K.
Will definitely be trying more of your lovely products, thanks so much for a wonderful service and experience Hashashin!