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You reminded me, I went to the park once where I could buy weed I asked this guy for a smoke and he offered me a crack pipe! I didn’t even know what to do with it, I was so surprised. He then tried to sell me something that definitely wasn’t grade, I said I was ok thanks at the same time thinking I was going to get jacked, I noticed half way through he had a handbag, I still to this day have no idea why he didn’t try to take my money lol
In desperation I went to the yardies in Stoke Newington back in the 90s. Walked into a room with a guy sat behind a table with a handgun rested next to the scales. He sold me shit weed for an over inflated price but at that point I would've taken a bag of oregano just to get the fuck out of there.

Never again. Started growing pretty soon afterwards. Scared the shit out of me.

Guns and weed should not mix, it's a plant ffs.

Anyway, you live and learn.

Cheers BB
Never quite like that, but used to pick up off some mental senegalese bloke in hackney, i got on with him alright, he always sorted me out, but a few times i went round his gaff to score there were some proper undesirables round there, usually tooled up. He always used to be like ‘kick back and yin one up before you go brother’, and i’d always have to make some half arsed excuse to leave. Cant think of anything worse than ganja paranoia in a dealers in a rough estate in hackney! He ended up street dealing in camden so i ended up just meeting him at camden road station every friday.

Wonder what happened to him, used to see the bloke weekly for about 2 years, then just dissapeared. Cant believe that was over 20 years ago
Aah if youre looking for something to watch thats pretty light, its proper funny. You can tell the people acting in it are potheads lol
Just cuts and bruises! No one died which is pretty miraculous. Dropped a link to a photo below:


Funnily enough it didn’t. Smoking has helped anxieties when flying again. My perception changed dramatically after it. The age I was at I thought I was invincible as we all do.

Investigation was a whitewash after it as well. But hey we are all breathing and good dude.
First time I ever got high and drove my car, was about 17, crossing a bridge over the sea and ran over and killed a seagull. Saw him in my headlights, was picking feathers out of my grill for weeks. Haven’t driven high again since (I’m 40 ha)
This happened to me in the mid 90's.

Went fishing for the weekend on a secluded lake, beautiful weather, weed and peace and quiet. What more could a young lad ask for?

The Friday night and Saturday day passed off without incident(apart from the rats). Just as the sun was about to set I baited my rods for the night and smoked a J and decided to get my head down.

Next thing I heard my bite alarm go off, normally I would be up and out, but I couldn't move a muscle. My chest felt like there was someone or something really pushing down on it and the very unnerving feeling of something inside the tent with me.

I can't say how long this lasted but it felt like hours and I was petrified. I don't know how but I fell back to sleep and woke up as usual in the morning thinking it must have been a dream, until I checked my rods and the one still had a fish on, got the fish in let it go and started to pack up as quick as I could.

On the way out seen the bailiff and asked if there was anyone else on the lake. No was the answer just me.

Went to see the doctor a couple of days later and he said it was sleep paralysis and it would only have lasted a couple of minutes which freaked me out even more.

That couple of minutes/hours is the most terrified I've ever been.

Did it stop me smoking weed? The answer is yes for a couple of months anyway.

Sorry for the long post

Scariest,huh? We'll,I've been threatened with knives and guns etc,but that was the wild west that is the heroin scene. The scariest though was firstly getting stoned and secondly getting hopelessly lost. Doesn't sound too bad,right? Well,it's pretty bad when it happens in Death valley. Scary,scary experience-much rather have a gun to my head than be alone,stoned in the desert again
Definitely a haunted house, lots of weird stuff went on there. We had been partying so some shrooms etc much earlier in the day, but some stuff happened when we were all straight too. All the posters from the whole house had been taken down and piled up on the front room table while we were out. A tv nearly fell on me and 2 speakers flew across the room when my mate stopped the tv falling off.
Me and a friend watched an "aeroplane" change shape about 10 times...broad daylight. Was it a bird? Was it a UFO? Was it the ChemDawg!? Who knows XD