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Pistach's Wedding Crashers review
First time using Pistach and I'm glad I did. Reviews look good so I went for 3.5 of Blue Calypso, Wedding Crashers, Peanut Butter Souffle and Peach Cobbler.
Pic below is the Wedding Crashers and its a proper Wolf in sheep's clothing! Lovely, frosty buds with a subtle sweet and spicy smell. Smoke is very smooth until it knocks your head off shortly after lift off. Well done, I wasn't expecting that!

Blue Calypso is possibly the nicest smelling weed I've ever had. Fruity, zesty cocktail smell. More uplifting high than the WC above. The smell though, its just amazing!

Peanut Butter Souffle and Peach Cobbler are great for the money, really good smokes. Both sweet and tasty and pretty balanced hybrids from what I can gather. My disclaimer is that it all arrived this afternoon and I've had a joint of each before finally getting round to typing this out so this is a labour of love now. I'm very, very stoned so thats a good start.

I'm struggling to fault it really. If anything the Peach Cobbler was a touch dry but all good once ground and pound.

All in all a happy camper who will be back to have a crack at what looks like a very tasty menu!
I've got both en route. I'm in!
I got some Candyland Cookies from DIUK and it looked like the bud had been stamped on, really vac-packed. I think I was hoping for the bag appeal they delivered with the Mac 10 - aaaaaaah! In all honesty it makes fuck all difference once ground up though. I gave it a 9/10 so I don't think I'll topple their empire. I can live with the over zealous packing as they tend to deliver excellent product regularly. Its certainly not enough to stop me from using them. The CC is lovely, btw.
I know what you mean re the leb blonde and black. It was what I expected though. Mid range hash, daytime indica, sort of.....
For me, Hashisin's sativa hashes have been the absolute business. Diesel cream and dragonfly hash i found hard to fault
Seconded. Everything I've ordered from him has been top notch. I have some of the Indian hand rubbed en route
and you're right to recommend it, it's the business! I always thought people moaned too much about squished weed but I can understand why it pisses people off. I suspect the narky mood disappears shortly after grinding up the squashed CC. It makes no difference to the high, which is lovely, perfect for daytime wandering!
First order was with some trepidation as it was coming from so far away but I had one for Hashisin (my latest) that took under 7 days from ordering to arriving and it beat another UK vendor's 1st class delivery. A bit of a freak occurrence as RM is so inconsistent at the moment (I ordered 2 lots form one vendor recently and the 1st class beat the NDD one despite being sent at the same time!)
I've used him 4 times, yet to be disappointed. If his Diesel Cream hash crops up again buy as much as you can, its my favourite hash in 30 years of smoking