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Such BS! Are all the people that are dying in front of our eyes and suffering with this virus just casualties of this globalist conspiracy. I find all of this really untasteful. literally thousands of people are dying each day. Maybe if someone close to you copped it would change your opinion
The problem with the anti Vax movement is lack of a suggested alternative. How am I supposed to clean my carpets?
Pre covid I think there was something like 2 serious or fatal vaccine reactions a month.

In the UK there have been almost 1000 damage payments made for life changing injuries from vaccines in just under 40 years, the threshold is incredibly high and lots go unreported, so that is an absolute minimum number of people.
Yes your right except the people telling you their on your side, the people telling you their the only ones telling you the truth THEY are the ones waging the psychological war. You've been suckered in, you're everything you are preaching against, you are THEIR VICTIM.

Please mate, think on. You didn't used to support fascism, I know you didn't.
⁣Mr. Mullis’s PCR test does not test for a specific virus, It amplifies RNA/DNA fragments, but it cannot tell you what the amplified fragments of a random sample belong to. There are hundreds of different kinds of coronaviruses in the world, they range from colds to flu's; the PCR amplification process has no idea what has been amplified.
It cannot specifically differentiate convid-19 from any other coronavirus. The elusive convid-19 was never isolated, purified, verified, and visualized according to a scientific method called Koch’s postulate; it is not possible to distinguish it from any other virus. The test is not valid in testing for the alleged convid-19 virus on any level.
Mr. Mullis won the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR amplification test. He died just four months before the alleged covid-19 virus was declared. Had he lived; he would have pulled the plug on using the PCR test to detect a specific virus, thus making it impossible to lockdown the world and destroying global economies and lives.
The contrived convid-19 virus is a Trojan Horse, and what is coming out of it is enslavement. What is going on is a global coup.
Enslavement?! You are aware people are getting paid to do fuck all right?

Real talk, you need to understand the processes in place for scientific research and read some scientific papers yourself. Don’t go looking on YouTube for someone with their own biases in place to read them to you. Scientists are normal humans as are doctors. They care and they’re not working for some fucked up secretive cause.

I say this all as the son of a doctor who not only carries out and publishes research but has also been volunteering to jab people, who has been jabbed himself, who’s mother has also received the jab and ultimately they’ve done so because they (and I) understand basic epidemiology.

It should also be noted that the vaccine HAS had the testing and trials any other new vaccine would have. The reason it’s been accelerated is that they have simultaneously run phases of the trials alongside each other. The reason they’ve managed to do that is basically down to the investment that’s come forward due to urgency. (Governments buying millions of doses before the vaccines are even mid way through trials)

Am I anti the way our countries are run? Yes. Do I despise the government and question their motives in all decisions made? 100% Do I also however understand basic epidemiology? Yes

Back to my first point... Slavery?! You fucking joker!
I believe part of why people are being paid is so they can keep the economy going and don’t revolt against what is happening, I think this may be well understood in politics, economics and also in human behaviour.

epidemiologists know that vaccines carry risks and in some small cases life changing or fatal reactions as do GPs,

they can do all the trials they like, but they can’t tell what impact it could have on human cells longer than say a 12 month trajectory at best atm.

Great your Dad is a Doctor and a human :) but if he was on an overwhelmed covid ward having to choose who lives or dies, someone may in the heat of the moment with all the pressure and responsibility make some sadly inhumane decisions
I agree that this kind of discussion is tiring now. I saw it in topic list and made mistake of responding becuase I dont like to see this kind of stuff just being shared so irresponsibly, believe what you want to believe but dont push it on others, let them believe their own thing. Once someone believes in something they have been told enough times, and yes we are all susceptible to that through the media, then one has been sucked in, but one should always try and get all angles of an argument, not just one that sits with how they feel emotionally at the time, emotion should be removed completely.

I am also going to leave it there.
Track the ones who don’t take the vaccine? Theories built on pillars of sand or a lump aluminium in their leg who knows which?

I’m not saying anyone is wrong or mis guided, just allowing both side of an argument to exist because that is real life, there isn’t really right or wrong just difference, which if it bothers you is tying to tell you something, otherwise you wouldn’t be here with us
When did i say it was a hoax????........The depopulation agenda is very real!.....Do your own research and stop believing everything you are told!