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Gelato 41..
Ok so I have been wanting to try UK connect for a while, however like most humans I am subject to routine and comfort in what I know. So it’s not that I have not seen great bud on here before it’s just I have a weakness for gelato 41. The pics suggested extreme goodness awaited me, after a shit weak I thought ndd this for a Saturday morning treat. Sometimes you need to reward yourself and on a sunny Saturday morning this landed as expected (my chores complete the afternoon was mine). After navigating the ice traps on way to smoking shed I excitedly unpacked, all good there pro standard packaging. I was met with lovely sweet aroma and nice crystal covered dense buds slightly sticky in the right way. This one leans more towards gsc in texture and initial taste then that sweet sunset comes through on exhale. Very nice experience all round leaving me looking at their other flavours, every now and then stepping out of your comfort zone can be good.
This is nice. Arrived quickly and stealthily. A nice high.
As good as described.
Took one day to arrive, definitely worth a try.
Needless to say I had the last laugh###
New User Help - Vendor Overview
Hello Everyone! I thought I would write a small blog on the Vendors I find reliable, here on LB. I know it can be a mine field. Especially when you are first starting out…So I thought it would be nice to help out :) I will list them, in no particular order. But I will try My best to give as much detail as possible.

Radar Breeder – 9.7/10 Vendor Rating.

A Staple service for many. Providing top quality buds for reasonable prices (comparatively). Communication can be lacking, but all queries do get answered within around 4 days. This vendor is very busy…and possibly one of the biggest dawgs on the UK scene. His stealth is very good. No detection of contents possible. They offer the option of a container for shipping at an extra cost, should you prefer that postage option. R.O.I accepted. Generally a 75% success rate to Ireland..50% refund or reship offered for missing/seized packages. One refund/reship per customer as policy, to avoid scams. Though, this is usually wavered if you are a repeat customer. Offering 3.5g – 28g+ from $54* Delivery is slightly slower (RM 1st class) but packages normally arrive within 3 days. Fast changing menu, with a few regular strains available consistently. Edibles and hash also available.

Urban Leaf Co. – 9.8/10 Vendor Rating.

Urban Leaf Company are relatively new to the LB scene. Popping up at the beginning of 2020. They have excellent communications, and are always very happy to meet your needs as a customer. Their bud is mid-top quality, but is well written up in their descriptions and posts. Honesty is their policy! Only offering UK delivery as a rule. Their stealh is on point. Well packaged and not compressed. They care for their product, and customers. Prices are the same across their menu, sitting at $60 for 3.5g. ULC rarely offer larger amounts, but do offer smaller quantities of 1g. They also sell mix strain packs and are very helpful if you require a custom order. Fast delivery, too! Most packages arrived within 24hrs. Fast paced menu. Items are listed and sell fast! Regular change of strains. Mainly flower.

The Green Team – 9.6/10 Vendor Rating.

The Green Team are another of the big Dawgs. Coming in with regular new strains. All of which are of remarkably high quality. They provide an extensive menu of hash, edibles and flowers. One of the more expensive vendors, with some strains topping at $65 for 3.5g, but the quality usually reflects on the price. Stealth is top notch! One of the best around. There is no way anyone will know what is inside this package, unless opened. Delivery offered across UK and Europe with great success rates, even to R.O.I . Refund/Reship policy of 50% , as standard. Communication is acceptable. 2 days is the common wait for a response. Regular customer base that speaks volumes about their service. If you are a nervous buyer, TGT are a good start point for your new online ventures.

Drugs Inc. UK – 8/10 Vendor Rating.

Drugs Inc. UK are a consistent vendor online. Providing a vast choice of top quality flowers, hash, pre rolls and more. Most items are well stocked. Prices are very reasonable, too. $55 will get you an 8th of their good stuff. One of the cheaper vendors on site. The quality of their smoke is great. Sometimes imported, often UK grown. Their delivery isn’t the speediest, at around 3-5 days for 1st class postage. Though, their stealth is good. Some remarks of compressed flower, but I believe they are working on fixing this issue. DIUK are not currently offering delivery outside of the UK. Communication is as expected. The usual 2 day wait for a response. Issues are handled with care and their customer service is very good. A great vendor to use if you want great weed, at a good price, but dont need it the next day.

UK Connect – 9.7/10 Vendor Rating.

UK Connect offer some very choice weed. They do not have a continuous stock, so it is worth watching their wall. They seem to focus on flavours. The prices are average for LB, at $60 for 3.5g. They don’t offer larger quantities. Most listings max out at 7g. Of course…you could multiple order, or request a custom. Their delivery time is very fast. Usually just 24 hrs from dispatch. Stealth is very good. Double wrapped. Undetectable. Very nice weed. Seems to be hand picked for the market. Communication is as expected 1-2 days to respond to enquiries. A smaller vendor of the LB family, but worth paying some attention to!

YourMumsHouse – 9.7/10 Vendor Rating

Smaller vendor. Very good products. Hand picked and in limited supply. Usually listed as 7g deals. Fast delivery and great communication. Stealth is good and the weed gets good reviews. Reliable and trusted vendor. Cares about their customers.

MJ Concentrates – 9.9/10 Vendor Rating.

A bit of a beast, is our MJ! Providing top quality products, ranging from hash, shatter, live resin, distillate and intriguing edibles! Rarely has flower. MJ brings some of the more unusual items to LB. His shatter is incredible. He infuses his own edibles and often send cookies along with orders! Fast responses, speedy delivery and good stealth packaging. Great prices for his concentrates! Very trusted and renowned vendor.

Super Hans – 9.6/10 Vendor Rating.

I have not personally ordered from Super Hans, but he is making waves on LB right now. Coming in with jars of decent smoke. Rectifying early issues with reships to keep his customer base happy. A wide variety of strains on his menu. Some prices are a little hefty, but I am assured the quality matches the mark up. Remarks on delivery are speedy and stealth is fine. Offering EU delivery.

Legacy UK Dank – 9.7/10 Vendor Rating.

LUD’s comes in every now and again with a few select strains to be sampled. Usually very fast selling, and due to that fact, rarely makes the wall. It is worth keeping a manual check on LUD’s page. When he lists, it is often at unbeatable prices. His stealth is akin to TGT. Very good and totally undetectable. The weed does not arrive compressed. Delivery speed is usally within 2 days. I believe delivery is only to UK.

Northern Organics – 9.7/10 Vendor Rating.

Northern Organics are a small family unit, that grow artisan erb. They produce on a small scale, and care very much about the quality of their products. Mainly offering edibles. Toffees, to be specific. Very good price at $20 for 8 of their 30-40mg treats. Well made, lovely tasting toffee. Seasonal toffee is also available from time to time. Bonfire, Cinder Toffee became available for halloween/harvest. To add to their small menu, you will see their buds pop up every so often. Highly rated and sought after by many! Great stealth. Fast delivery. Very nice people. Highly reccomend.

Mightyoak1976 – 9.7/10 Vendor Rating.

Edible vendor. Stocking top notch, branded edibles at unbeatable prices! Under-cutting some of the big boys! Tried and tested. Genuine products. Great stealth and fast delivery. Reccomend for your edible needs. Trusted!

HashTagUK – 9.7/10 Vendor Rating.

Hastag UK are the main hash vendor on LB. Not personally tried, but it would seem they are trusty with good repeat clientele. Hash seems to be reasonably priced and if good quality from the reviews. Perhaps stealth could be improved, slightly. UK and EU delivery. Ask about R.O.I success rates.

I hope this list will help you with your purchases when you are looking online. Opinions are based upon personal experiences, reliable reports and the general consensus of the review sections. Again, the list is in no particular order, and the vendor ratings are as they stand on LB at the time of writing this blog post.

Thanks for taking the time to read My reviews and posts! Bigg love to you all ♡
Wonderful!! I love to hear I've helped in some way :) it's all about giving back to the community here! ♡ I had some of the last batch of the Pineapple Express, and it was delicious! I reckon you are in for a treat !
Received today :) its very nice, covered in thc and smells amazing.
Oh...and just to add...

"My friends, this is like if that Blue Oyster shit met that Afghan Kush i had, and they had a baby... And then meanwhile, that crazy Northern Lights stuff i had and the Super Red Espresso Snowflake met and had a baby... And by some miracle, those two babies met and fucked; this would be the shit they birthed!"

Had to be done ;)
Pineapple Express Review!
Good Morning, Biggaz!

What a treat! What a treat! I have managed to get My hands on some of UK Conncets 'Pineapple Express' !!

First things first....as always, the delivery! Perfection. That's all I can say! Double wrapped in smell proof baggies, then inside a jiffy. Better stealth can be found, but it certainly does the job. I am very used to getting my deliveries, and usually have an idea when its in my hand. But i wasnt even sure this was one of my packages! They had me fooled...almost ;) haha. Delivery time was FAST. Just one day from ordering, and the buds are in my lap :) Bellissimo!

When i opened up the inner baggie, and stuck my finger inside to pull out the buds for a good whiff, i was surprised at how coated my finger tips were with powdery crystals! Beautiful, fine, dusty flavour bubbles everywhere! Mmmm. Of course, another pleasant surprise, was the smell. I've had pineapple chunk a fair few times, but never "express". The smell is very similar (obviously). Really sweet, almost citrusy, pineapple! A very hazey kind of smell, too :) Pretty much what most people want, when they smell a nice bag of weed! Top marks! Pungent and Fruity!

The appearance is wonderful. Bag appeal is certainly up there. Mid sized nugs. All a vibrant green with dark orange hairs, shot through the entire bud. Very dense and well grown. This was under good lighting! Perfectly trimmed. Perfectly cured. Sticky and yummy. Very impressive to look at! The crystals are unreal!

The taste of the weed isn't quite as sweet as its smells. It has a floral element to the taste that isn't obvious from the scent. It's still very sweet, a little peppery and hits the nasal cavity nicely when you inhale :) on the exhale the earthy notes are more prominent. A really nice tasting, well bodied smoke. Nice and thick in the mouth too. Smoke you could chew on! Nice clean burn. No side burning/dark ash. Really pleasant and smooth to smoke!

The high. I did a little reading into the strain, to find out that Pineapple Express leans towards Sativa, over Indica. And I would agree. As a morning smoke, it is buzzy. It definitely has some strength to it, too. Uplifting and energetic. I am contemplating todays tasks, rather than avoiding them! It's not always about the heavy indica! Especially when productivity needs to be UP! This strain will bring you up! Maybe you will feel a bit spacey, but you will get things done, *I think* :P A nice, floaty head high. Not something I normally chase, but I'm really enjoying it :D

As this is My first order with UK Connect, I want to thank the team. The fast delivery, good packaging and top quality bud, has been noted! I am very happy that i took a punt! I would definitely recommend UK Connect to others in the future, and will be visiting their page regularly, to hopefully grab up some more fantastic erb!

Overall Breakdown -

Delivery/Stealth - 9/10
Bud Size/Quality - 10/10 !! Really lovely weed! Well trimmed!
Taste/Smell - 8/10 - Could be fruitier, but still an 8.9 tbh!
High/Effect - 9/10 Beautiful hazey head high
UK Connect - 10/10 No Fuss, No Muss!

Thank you for taking the time to read My review. It was a pleasure to write one for a new (to Me) vendor! They have exceeded My expectations, and have gained themselves a new customer! I am very happy with the whole transaction. Dai iawn, Cariad :) I would like to reccomend UK Connect to you, for your herbal needs!

Thanks Biggaz! Have a Hazey Day <3
I bet that tastes divine :)