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How about delivery to Ireland?
Well I'm not one of them but wasn't it you and your mates that attacked me when I first came on here?

Happy for you to defend yourself on that one buddy but I've got countless posts of you and your cronies trying to get me out of the game.

"I'm not your mate" was one of them. Plus I suspect it was you leaving the 1/10 review.

So, who are you to pose this question?

You're all over new vendors like a rash, but who the fuck are you?

I'm a nice calm person but you piss me off, and always have done.,so let's have it out.

Cheers BB
Earth Had A Drive By
Oumuamua was the first object ever seen flying into our solar system and back out again. It's unknown how it was powered or wear it came from.
Well I should get one, we could be men with ven.
Pink Cookies and Sour Poison review
Aaah super hans, super hans. An interesting new entrance to the lb seller fold. Some intriguing products listed, but as a relative newby, im not really a guinea pig kind of buyer. Ive watched with interest as the reviews have come in, to see how people viewed the quality and stealth. And those early days looked a bit rough, but it always seemed as though he tried to sort any problems, and any iffy products were soon delisted and replaced. . Ive always liked the underdog, so took the plunge this week and ordered a sample of the poison and the pink cookies. During the 24 hour wait, i’d been hoping that the product is good. Hans is an affable, likeable seller, great with comms, and the stealth and delivery time was bang on.

So when the products arrived, i was excited to see what we had. We went sour poison first. On opening up, weight was slightly over on both, and the smell of the durban, slightly acrid, citrussy, was lovely. Buds were slightly on the dry side but looked good, little stem and leaf weight wastage, and it ground up a treat. The taste was smooth and pretty unique. Im actually surprised at the consistently high ratings - not because the bud was bad - it absolutely wasnt - but because it really strikes me as a bit of a controversial, marmite, love it or hate it type bud. I loved it. Pretty unique, with a strong but functional sativa high. Definately a weekday smoke - a nice warm buzzy high, but not one that will mong you for days. Stinky though. Dont smoke this in a garden with neighbours close!!

So onto the pink cookies. Yeah, ok. Buds pretty sticky here, bit more persistence with the grinder required, but again a lovely sweet smell, which expands on the grind. Taste was lush. You can really taste the wedding cake parentage. I smoke a reasonable amount but the high was fast, and strong. I now know how Gandalf felt, plunging from the bridge of Kazad Dum with the balrog, plummeting to an inevitable demise, only to rise like a phoenix as gandalf the white a couple of hours later. Very, very heady, not locked into the couch, but pounded into it. Couldnt even be arsed to turn the tellybox over for an hour or so, even though i was stuck on some music channel playing rachel stevens and holly valance shite.

A big thumbs up. This guy is great, and i will absolutely be back, no question. I hear a little rumour of some Diablo on its way, and i will be all over that.

Tman’s lb strain rankings:

Note : my rankings are not about quality of the bud, theyre about how i ranked the strain in terms of personal enjoyment. We all have different tolerances, preferences in terms of high, taste, smell etc. Ive shown the top 5 for context so people have an indication as to what i like. These two products are the 12th and 13th i have tried in my 4 month LB tenure.

1) elphinstone (TGT)
2) papaya (TGT)
3) PINK COOKIES (superhans)
4) Ghost train haze ( RB)
5) SOUR POISON (superhans)

Ending a 4/5 lockout from tgt (displacing mimosa and banana haze), Superhans has come into the top 5 of the charts not once but twice. A ‘super’ effort - and make no mistake, on current form, this guy is legit. Buy with confidence guys.
Stealth Tutorial Please
Seems there are a lot of new folks from the streets trying to figure out the lb wayz. Someone ought to help sellers with a tutorial and a tip jar!
I don't think advertising stealth methods publicly is wise. For obvious reasons. On another note, I smell pork.
Littlebiggy blocking my messages
Littlebiggy is not allowing me to send messages to vendor or transaxe, it seems to think I'm trying to make deals or something but im only trying to find my lost bitcoin. How do I get this to stop?
First time order with this vendor was for pink cookies last week. I can honestly say that this is the best stuff I have got on LB and I have had plenty including some lovely gear but this was amazing! I’m so happy to have found Super Hans!!!
Sorry guys this weed was so special I ended up smoking it all pink cookies for certain my best strain ever thanks hans