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Civil discussion?
hi again

we feel things have gotten out of hand. we are in a position where the only way we can speak to you is publicly. we think matters like this are best discussed privately.

at the moment it seems like we are both losing. we cant sell to your customers, many of your customers are unhappy that they cant buy from us.

your first reply was somewhat flippant but perhaps as the day has progressed, your position has changed.

we would like to have a civil, professional conversation with you or whoever makes the decisions at LB. if you would like to allow us to DM, we would be very happy with that. Or we'll do it in public if thats your preference.

free my brothers BCA!
I bought from their first profile, delivered and I reviewed. I’m not bot - at least I think..
Preach it
Give BCA a break?
Apprently BCA have been restricted for some reason, and i can only assume this is due to people asserting it is a scam. This is one of 2 things:

1) Orders taking longer to arrive than most vendors and people thinking they have been scammed. To this is say they state clearly it will take a little while to arrive. Be patient, its worth it. However given their reviews it doesnt seem many legit customers have had any issue which brings me to theory 2:

2) Other vendors are creating fake profiles to spread disinformation as they see BCA as a threat. To them i say if you want to compete stop ripping the arse out of the prices. Dont get me wrong the quality of all bud i have received from LB has been top end, however BCAs is probably the best i have had, and at the lowest prices. It drives a competitive market on here which some people don't want.

Also local UK vendors - you will still get business from people who need their weed ASAP, and from those who buy smaller bits (which is all alot of vendors sell), so once again i say GIVE BCA A BREAK!

Cheers team :)
Same as man completely vouch for BCA
I’ve made multiple orders and received all with no problem
Absolute joke if they getting shut down to be honest
Shame to see this happen to a vendor that has provides a superior quality of customer service and product to match.

The only scam happening on this site at the moment is vendors over charging for low quality weed.
As someone who has purchased to BCA I can vouch for their authenticity, excellent product and unreal prices.
I LOVE LB and I hope that it continues for a LOOOONNNNGGG time!! But what is going on?

What vendor/s are so scared to create so much shit. The last time I saw it was the venom that came out against British Bulldog!

It’s about time that there was a price correction on good bud on here. But now I see that someone is very threatened by it.

AND if BCA are just going to scam. Then. Can A Borg tell us why that has been determined?
deja vu- account restricted with no explanation or notice

for the second time now, our profile has been restricted without notice or explanation. and we cant send messages so we cant do this privately.

we have 26 10/10 reviews on our old profile
we have 2 9/10s there too
we have 10 10/10s on our new profile (not including the tips)
we have 2 9/10s there

we have also issued 5 refunds to people who didnt want to wait for shipping

we've had one 'dispute' which happened cause we advised a customer to extend the escrow if they felt uncomfortable, apparently thats bad?

LBs response? hold on to the btc we are due beyond the stated release date/escrow period without explanation or notice. we ask when to expect btc to be released, they say its ambiguous.

is this a business or what guys? we're killing it on here, anyone who has bought from us is delighted with their purchase. we shook up the game and this how you treat us?

if your in bed with other vendors and dont want us to sell on here, just tell us buddy. im sure your customers would appreciate the honesty, we sure would :)

or can we get back to selling the best products at the best prices on the site? your call guys :)