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we're tired of it too buddy but coming from our customers just zings a little bit more :D
hi Red8025 and everyone else who is waiting orders :) we get that its frustrating to see other peoples orders landing while your waiting and for those of you who ordered as long ago as Red, we are really sorry how long it took us to ship and when your pack lands you'll see we've already started to make it up to you :)

the good news is that everyones orders have shipped. the bad news is that people arent reading what we say about shipping taking 7-10 working days from dispatch.

we have advised anyone who has asked us about this that if it makes them feel more comfortable they should request to extend the escrow with transaxe.
Better late than never ;)
sorry buddies, its been a very busy Friday at B.C.A so far but we've got a new drop for you :D we're offering a limited selection of Gold Level strains tonight, including a new arrival - Lindsay OG Kush :) - https://lmgtfy.app/?q=Lindsay+OG+Kush Named after her hometown Lindsay, Ontario - shes a stunner that some people say should be Platinum Level ;)

we're also adding a returning favorite to Platinum Level - BC Rockstar Kush :) https://lmgtfy.app/?q=bc+rockstar+kush

two of Canada's finest for you. try these and never ask us if we can stock cali again :D
we have no orders from Ruins on either account buddy so not sure what you mean?

there are 5 reviews for the lotto on our profile. 2 dont say what strains they received and all the other 3 received different strains so again, not sure what you mean?

your question is are we legit. are you saying that if you order from a lotto, which is cheaper because you dont get to pick the strain, and you dont get the strain you want, we arent legit? cause thats some BS
ah sorry buddy :S bet your regretting starting the thread now :( it'll be worth the wait though :D
hey buddy :) hope you dont mind me jumping in here but our strain list changes pretty often so packs tend to drop in batches, like the reviews ;) the reviews and photos your seeing on our profile are from our first sales as B.C.A but we have more reviews of different strains on our old profile - http://littlebiggy.org/viewSubject/p/4792447?anchor=qEJPIOov

you can also see what some of our customers said to Scotty121 here - http://littlebiggy.org/item/bYKmN9R2lVt6cffNO9xJ6vJT/view/p?gotoPost=PG68ieV4

if you have any questions, our dms are always open but we'll step back from your thread now. hope to see you soon buddy :D
YES BUDDY! :D :D took its sweet Tdtime but arrive in the nick of Tdtime :D

thats gonna be one hell of a trip and your buddys are going to love you :) what did you get?
hey buddy, there better than good ;)

its a pretty new listing for us but we have shipped a few bags over this week so hopefully you'll see some reviews dropping pretty soon

if youre interested in purchasing as a vendor, slide in the dms ;)
we knew you'd come around in the end frank. we look forward to receiving your order :)
awesome buddy :D pleased your happy and already working on that new order for you ;)