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Item Integrity Testing Beta
item integrity testing beta

this test protocol effects all cannabis edibles items in little biggy.

description testing required for listing an item
no stock images
no brand stealing
no fake packaging

fails get a warning from test borg, then a quick deletion.

ingredients testing required for wall visibility
a link to chemical testing for harmful ingredients must be referenced in the items description. acceptable tests include:
photos or videos of a self-test procedure using a known test agent
like https://www.reagent-tests.uk/

exemptions for current items
for items with >8 ratings as of now:
ingredients testing requirements waived for 90 days
violations of the description requirements lose visibility, 4 days grace before deletion.
Thanks shed ..IV added this to my description of each product .is this what I have to do or actually get them tested ? Thanks mate
Hey man, hope you’re cool. Don’t know when you posted this but you might affected by this:

I'm an established seller and my items have been taken off the wall
hi all IV been on lb a for while done a loads of sales all really high ratings as you can see ..for some reason my 2 best selling items have been taken off the wall and one item has been left on there ..I wondered why I had no sales and it seems that they have been removed ..I normally get the most sales at the weekend and its really messed.me up ..please help ?
its funny how he has the exact same auto response for orders as G.T.P did, also saying a new packing employee didnt work out just like G.T.P also sends out orders with the exact same shit stealth that fucked his page up last time. your weed might be nice but your a bit dim pal reading some of your posts arguing with customers even though you fucked there orders up + shit stealth
i also noticed how you mention you get your weed 'by the bar' which is exactly what G.T.P said,,, its all a little coincidental if you ask me , BE AWARE
WTF is that???
Legend, thanks man I’ll give it a whirl then!
Same clouds, double the number of hits, longer lasting bodily effects (in my experience). More bang for buck than flower.

Taste... not as easy to love instantly, feels a bit dry. Give it a few outings and you'll get the taste for sure, something like a lemon dry sift will really pop.

Always some experimentation with new batches, grind or ball up or flattened discs until you figure what works best in your device, but it's all part of the fun right?
Cheers man, seems it’s def worth a try then in the Mighty, I just get para shit is going to drop into the heater and cost me a couple hundred bucks! Capsule and canna cotton should do though I reckon!

Good clouds, taste and hit compared with flower?
I'm vaping hash but not through cotton, though I do see it recommended.

Never needed it myself, on butane I find tiny pucks flattened out drop straight in the dynavap. If you're keen you'll finish up with fine dried out dust.

On the temp controlled set up I can use the same pucks or for more compressed powders I grind it to keif consistency and just pop it on a fine screen. There is a busy ash catcher under the Elev8r though, so depending how the pathway runs in a Mighty (never tried one) you may need the cotton to prevent that.