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Postmen are taking forever!!!
Even I am waiting an extra 4 days than the estimated arrival time on stealth bags!!
it wasn't to get you to stop talking it was to make up for the time wasted but the fact was you message and then dont wait one morning for me to reply most vendors take about 4-5 days for a response
from PHEASANT 22 Oct 20 11:00 Wrong order
I didnt see the message dude! Honestly if I did I would have messaged you. Look i dont want to be argueing. I'm not that person.

But I don’t see a message and I’m an ignorant Cunt lmao I hope you guys can see my point of view here.

He also says he don’t check the message board but I must check EVERYTHING 24/7.

Anyway I will still send after all the slating. Fuck it only a 3.5 as already said.
No first you spend whole day posting and then message me at night time mate
Like I said in message if you had messaged me saying wtf this is not what was advertised or it tastes shit like EVERYONE else did I would have seen your issue and fixed but you don’t want to message and when you do you don’t want to wait for a response. As I said you can have it if you still want. It’s your attitude that’s the problem atm. If you look at reviews you’ll also see it wasn’t just the Thai that went out to wrong people other shit did too.

If I had done that myself I would have closed the account but it wasn’t on purpose at all. I was tending to my family as previously stated. Lesson learned. Fuck family answer PHESANT NOW!!

I don't stay logged in 24/7 only just logged in after shipping yesterday evenings orders. Had school run aswell sorry I have a life outside of here. You message me at nearly 10pm.

You keep adding damage on her so at this point. I'm not really fussed at this point as the way your still talking to me like a piece of shit is getting on my tits.

If you want it then I suggest you start by posting a new topic on my wall stating how you should have perhaps looked before just slating me when to be fair my only fault was trusting my brother in law.

I've just sent out over a z for free so trust me it was not on purpose at all.

You had a 3.5. Not a Z but you can't even wait a night for a reply!!!!!!!!
Buy em ^^
Yep on there about two weeks ago now I wouldn’t worry just I would personally change your font and or colouring. Doesn’t actually mention the site anywhere was just a warning that apparently people are gonna but em and give them away. For FREE to kiddies on Halloween
Also I get it by the bar for my guy if you must know so I do have to offload to a mate or two on the roads. And believe it or not... when your withdrawing £300+ a day virtually your fucking inlaws who’s on the doll are gonna want in. And his the type to not shut up about it until proven wrong. Well when I truly needed his help. He had his chance and his gone as stated. Fucking wish I made this Cunt up!!!!
So I’d also be lying by saying I also agreed to the help at the time because my missus had fucking two hernias out of with keyhole surgery and was on a waiting list for months cos of COVID and was virtually bed bound for 5 days straight and needed me to do everything for her but wipe her damn arse.

Nice one mate. Also I am not a home grower at all too risky to do this and that at same time. But cheers for your input one guy who never had a purchase from me. ;) But always appreciated opinions when you know nothing about the situation which is the point of this site it’s anonymous.

I needed help I should have shut the site page for two weeks but thought my brother in law could handle it cos he talked the talk and said he needed the cash so he could get a van for his shit.

You clearly don’t get how busy I have been and then to meet the demand of 10-20+ orders a day and also be someone’s carer. Love to see you have ago I’ll pay you if your so good.

I’m giving out an oz for free I could have just cut and run but no. Now the customers get double yeah half’s not as strong as they wanted but it’s still gonna be free for them at the end of the day and it’s cost me an oz to sort.