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Review of Blue dream & Omega Dawg
Blue Dream:
This was a nice smooth smoke. It made me feel very calm but productive. I have been putting off doing my online tesco order for days now. Well its finally done, focus was great. Bish, bash, bosh and it was done.

Now it was time to move onto my next smoke.

Blue Dream & Omega Dawg:
I'm currently writing this whilst smoking my mix of 2 strains. I have to say I'm struggling. My hands feel heavy and my mind does not want to focus typing this. I do have a wonderful all over body tingling sensation. My eyes feel heavy but I dont feel sleepy. I dont think my brain can decide what it wants to do right now. You could taste the Omega Dawg on the first pull. Lovely taste. I would happily smoke this combination again! Now I'm off to smoke the Omega Dawg. Whish me luck!

I'm back!
Omega Dawg: I enjoy the taste and smoke of this strain. I'm very chilled but my brain is switched on. To be fair i have not attempted to have a sleep so dont know if i put my head on the pillow i would just nod off. My head does feel slightly spacey and light.

For me personally though Alien Dawg & White Dawg have both set the bar high. I personally prefer the high I get from those. Dont get me wrong it's still great stuff and a nice smoke. But if you have tried White Dawg or Alien Dawg, you will know what I mean.
I'm happy to try new options. I enjoy getting to know what works the best for me.
Agreed. I found Alien Dawg to be very strong. (Which I love) omega Dawg is great but not a strong head high. I dont feel lazy etc. But I'm not done with testing its strength yet. I will update later :)
I tried that white dawg last week. I was hoping there would be more this week. But Omega Dawg is just as good to me. Not yet smoked pure Omega Dawg just yet. But I'm sure it will be awesome!
Alien Dawg is brilliant! I did a review of this last week. I kept calling it Devil Dawg though! Haha https://littlebiggy.org/link/o3DZPp
Urban Leaf product review
I'm so excited. My stuff has just arrived and I'm going to have a test day today.
I asked UL for their current best Indica & Sativa. They suggested Omega Dawg for the Indica & Blue dream for the Sativa.
Their product has always been brilliant so I cant wait to try these. I'm going to do a mix and see what happens. Im choosing the order shown in the image. I will update you after my journey. (If I can)
Limitless (movie or series) I personally thought the movie was better.
Thanks. :) there is so much variety here. I want it all!!
Ha ha. I was adamant it was devil dawg and not Alien Dawg. But it was an awesome high!
ALIEN DAWG!!!! Not Devil Dawg. Ha ha. Here is the link to it