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Can't please everyone mate.
Thank you very much :)
i recentely saw digital nba trading cards are blowing up in america aswell, some cards selling for 100s of thousands of dollars...top shots they are called
Don't worry Dank it's clear someone/a few people got it in for you
You're good money in my book - always come through with interesting and unique strains

That purp punch/black cherry gelato is fire
It is the first post you've made about this from us guys. You haven't purchased any, so the 'never seen that much stalk' comment is from the pictures? You ask for proof, but you declare it's 'NOT' in capital letters and brand anyone purchasing from us an 'idiot'. You're an idiot, just like the idiot on our Jungle Boys listing, also imported from California by the way, who declares our Jungle Boys packs fake despite the fact that authenticity can be verified via the scratch panel/unique code cannverify method included on the pack by the manufacturer.
We're not liars, don't call us us that again, and don't call our product junk, you stupid.
Potent strain added to the rotation of already exotic flavours I currently have

The high felt similar to that feeling of drowning, in the best possible high way - was fucked !

Also like how the weight is always that bit over over to account for stem etc.
this isnt patter its me defending myself nothing more nothimg less as psnch says all in black and whotr i have 1 account this is my only account. let me ask you a qiestion carver do you let people bully you. if u can show mevexample of where iv instigated anythimg show me because all thst happemed is i complaimed that diuk sent half order iv nad nothing but shit

aboyt 10 trolls ateast constant abuse every msn and dog against me im a big boy no worroes but i wint stand and be bullied just like you amd panch didnt with sricky. im.sorry iv retailiated i regret that but as iv said i dont spit venom i just fight back. I dont ave a plan a motive i hust dont let people take piss out of me. Panch has hard on for me still dont.know why he wont say but panch have a good life be happy its importamt amd im not taking piss i just csnt be fucked with this bullshit.
its easier to get weed from california to london than it is liverpool to dublin. i woukdnt imagine any vendor gonna show import docs or show us the unboxing. all i can say is iv haf 8 of danks strain snd 7 bettet thsn genuine cali iv had before. thats only my experience. The obly strain wast better than cali that I HAVE HAD was the mimosa. still cracking tho just not quite as good. so whilst i cant do snything about proof i can say the weed dank sells is top top notch.
watnecarrs mum
big fud
bif fud2

theres 6 shrill accouts for you
Just about to order… but now I’ll wait. Thanks for the heads up