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Hey can anyone do 7g for 80 dollars, just need to top up bitcoin and minimum I can purchase is £30’s worth, got 97 dollars before sending fees so if anyone can 7g 80 dollars not shake??? Worth a try?? Fingers crossed...
Best shake atm
Can anyone recommend some good shake, no stalks more on the crushed lil buds stuff, budget weed?
On a budget this month if you hadn’t of guessed... lol
Outdoor cuttings
Basically I’m looking to try and grow outdoors this year, I’ve got a large secluded back garden etc but does anyone know if I can buy some young plants get them delivered then just put in 10 litre grow bag with nutrients etc then just pop in the greenhouse and water then look after them....
Who tha fuck are u? Clown...
Bin it!!!
Back to the street...?
Is anyone getting fed up of bitcoin and postage issues, it’s not the vendors fault but it’s getting easier and faster and cheaper to hit the street. I’m lucky I can use both but it’s getting to be a right fuck on using bitcoin, blockchain Nd wallets nd exchanges, mining fees then postage then the wait...
I’m holding out tho hopefully bitcoin will sort itself out and postage, but for now... think I’ll wait nd see if things go back to normal... but FFS!!!
Jaxx liberty... it shows correct balance just pending?
Ahh hahhh!!!
Yeah blockchain, pissed off because I want to order some Ndd bud!!! There is nothing I can do just wait!!! Even with high fees they say I would not get them today or straight away, massive backup!!
Big back ups buying bitcoin.
Been waiting over a day now for my bitcoin to go into my wallet, I used low mining fees tho, but been in touch and no matter what the mining fees there is a big delay backup on blocks getting mined!!!
Anyone else having probs the last couple of days???