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I believe this should be smnoked using a dab rig for the best usage, or can probably smoke it in a paper with some bud
Vendor and product review
Hiya, I was lucky enough for Swexotic to extend their opening offer of 0.5g and 2 capsules to me after a cheeky forum ask and as I love milkbone and figured what the hell I ordered a gram of that.

Swexotic said it would be next day and I assumed they has chucked it in the post until I got a tracking order number :)

So anyway it arrives and yea stealth spot on won't go into detail but no complaints and if not for the tracking number would have made me wonder until opening it.

So Swexotic was nice enough to also give me the offer of extra on the order for first ten customers so I got over 1.28g of sugar crystals, a nice wrap of live resin and 2 canna capsules happy days.

Taking all the freebies out of the equation am I happy? Fuck yeah the milkbone is lovely tasty and the high I love so much from that strain. If I had only got a gram of that for the price I paid I would.still be writing this review, minus the next part

Live resin zskittles this is my first experience with a live resin wow it smells bonkers and vapes like a cross between skittles and haribo milkshakes honest guv it's madness. Gonna definitely be adding this to my future shopping lists once again a nice head high I think, as I have also been back on the milk bone.

Had both canna capsules last night as last few lost of edibles haven't really done much for me but I had put that down to a operation I had on my intestinal tract messing stuff up. Yeah, there's a reason I'm writing this today! Stuck well and truly on that sofa managing the occasional kitchen run will tell ya all.

All concentrates are on a donut coil on a yocan regen pen thing.

Vendor is really nice to deal with and obviously wants to make a good impression, they certainly have and I will definitely be back for more (once my wallet recovers from this month)

Sorry written on phone while.chilling so apologies for spelling etc

Edits are love resin to live resin.
It’s good to see a new seller doing well because they are legit.

Well done guys
Welcome welcome my brother to the community, it’s great to see a new vendor on here that specialises in concentrates, I look forward to trying some of your products : )

This is my review of their service and the products I sampled :). Well impressed with it all

Thanks Swexotic
Possibly a cash flow issue....there is a delay between the sale and the money actually getting to the seller so if they sell all their product and don't have disposable cash ready to reload then I guess they have to wait till lb release the funds so they can buy more.

This vendors sweets are still up. Does that mean they were tested?
BudBros - nominated for termination
StickyFingersCO has returned again under a new name - BudBros.

Seeing all of the genuine threats to biggies and their families that StickyFingersCO made I think it is clear that this person presents significant risk of harm to the community.

If LB cares so much about user safety to make testing on edibles mandatory then it should see the massive safety risk of allowing BudBros (StickyFingers) to use the platform.

They made absolute threats towards users and their families - saying they had their addresses.

LB please keep us safe and get rid of scum bags like that. Stop them making new accounts every week. They’ve been doing it for years.
Well I’ve been vaccinated against polio, TB, tetanus, measles, mumps and rubella, rabies, hep B, Typhoid and probably some others I’ve forgotten.

I have had no lasting side effects (a sore arm is the worst I’ve experienced) and I’m djsisbsosb.... did hahah do... dishsusib....

Fuck, what I’m trying to say is.... sdskkkksoo.... sosjjjjjsi.... bahaiiijj

My brain works just fine. No side effects, nothing to see here!