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We would recommend fridge for storage but just remember to let the container warm to room temperature before opening it to avoid condensation build up on the extract itself, enjoy! :)
Fist week on littlebiggy biggy :)
The team here at swexotic would just like to thank everyone for there support guidance and general acceptance during our start-up,

we can only hope we have made a good and propper impression among our fellow stoners/lb users, we hope to continue this into the future and become one one of LB'S premier concentrate suppliers.

Quality, value for money and all around positivity are what we value here at SWEXOTIC so we hope we can spread a little bit more of that here on LB.

Thank you!!
Apologies for the confusion, listing has been fully updated now thanks for pointing this out :)
Thats Pretty much exactly that! We should have made this point a little bit clearer, all orders made are/have been sent (with full tracking :)
Simply having around 2k held in a escrow system that we've never used or heard of can be a little bit unnerving, also with the fluctuations in bitcoin at the moment it doesn't help the matter at all.
Thanks for the order, enjoy! :)
Not a problem man, thats perfect cheers :)
Unfortunately they all went out this morning mate but ill put another one up for you now if you'd like? :)
Link to our store*
Bulk extract menu update!!
Uploading our bulk/wholesale extracts menu in the next few hours, some $900 oz's on our sugar crystals, wax's and sauce