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Nominated for Termination 'Mrcaa_420'
can you link to some of the posts please i cant see anything form his page
Buffy T
on  Buffy T
Missing order
dispute without question
little biggy theme song?
What signs of doom do we share with the Roman Empire?
i think so but wars are getting more like tv spectacles now, orders of magnitude fewer deaths
on  {science}
If you can hear your heartbeat you should play the market
i had a feeling this was the case :)
Is Bill Gates Getting Blackmailed?
Dont worry he's always a step ahead
Change littebiggy's default spelling to UK??
it does have a nagging pisser effect. i do think its more of a world default though.
on  Extracter
Potency testing?
What is the best way to test edibles ? + 2 more
how can ethereum keep getting more valuable when there is no limit to mining?
whats the hard fork? + 2 more
Glen Greenwald on Terror Propaganda (The Intercept)
Yes who need aliens when human beings can be declared illegal ones
on  horn7
Cart Sellers List All Ingredients Please
LB user interface
That sounds awful but simple tags would preserve the feel of the place and deliver the organisation you rightly seek.
Happy Birthday Ross Ulbricht
started topic
on  {shade}
how can I make a throwaway YouTube account
What about weed critiques of folks like yourself