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The Royals Should Pay Slavery Reparations
I'll have a bit, probably give it to charity but the thought would mean a lot.
lazy twats with talent
ill bite, what about talented AND hard working?
on  {nations}
Decentralised legal System
Smart contracts are a great improvement over the legal system, no arguing, no check is in the mail, just events and payments.
waves particles
Amazon buying the island of Cyprus
Ultimately amazon would need consent from the people and other governments so it would cost a lot more than just paying off the government, at least f…
#6 The Riches of The World Await
really what in the fuck is up with that?
Police warn students to avoid science website
I really miss the 5 minutes when the Russians weren't the bad guys. I think it was Arabs if I remember.
Thank you for being a great community
All heavens are completely filled with stoners because we share when we get up there :) + 2 more
Cannabis Commercialization is Scary (TED)
corporations arent evil so much as they are amoral. they are a lot like AI, an early version of collective intelligence.
on  JeanBean
US Vendors Ship Times
Regular mail in the UK is way faster because the country is so much smaller than the US. That said good on you for calling them out, I would go ahead …
on  toothdoc4
I have ms heard amazing things on microdosing shroom or lsd thoughts?
they are on society now
Free Samples
Bank Transfers
Jesus is that stupid. Connect you name and bank account with that of your seller. No offense but this is really not thinking even a little bit. If th…