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Cannabis Commercialization is Scary (TED)
corporations arent evil so much as they are amoral…
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Decentralised legal System
Smart contracts are a great improvement over the l…
{lb help}
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Help during COVID-19 - ask here
Sorry lock down is shit. Without weed its ridiculo… + 2 more
Thank you for being a great community
All heavens are completely filled with stoners bec…
What's The Difference Between Modafanil and Coffee?
Coffee can give you a jolt of energy and get you s…
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US Vendors Ship Times
Regular mail in the UK is way faster because the c…
lazy twats with talent
ill bite, what about talented AND hard working?
waves particles
on  toothdoc4
I have ms heard amazing things on microdosing shroom or lsd thoughts?
they are on society now
Free Samples
Bank Transfers
Jesus is that stupid. Connect you name and bank ac…
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