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Ancient Aliens
what if we sent weed to conflict zones instead of soldiers?
by  HBiz
Stoned AI
by  BBDoom
End of the day
by  1313
next covid mutation wishlists
What happened
What happened us, are we all finally coming to the conclusion that it’s the last dance? How long can some keep their heads buried while our way of life crumbles before us. Maybe I’m too pessimistic but the vibes I’m getting are off the scale wrong.
What’s next?
Super Hans
Recession, likely even a depression. Riots, mistrust of government will reach all time highs, crime will start to rise drastically. I genuinely think we'll see another properly fascist government in Europe in my lifetime

I think this is part of the overall plan, order from chaos
Trust misplaced the problem is😆may the force be with us🙏☘️
Like Poland?
it aint fascist if it aint proper
Yeah it's gonna get worse before it gets better and unfortunately I think Hans is spot on with their predictions 😒
Global migration will swamp richer economies like osmosis and vast hard borders will be erected.
The outriders of climate change; fire and flood/rising sea levels will engulf vast land masses and will hit the rich (California, Australia) as much as the poor (Bangladesh, Indonesia)
Democracy will fail, capitalism will eat itself, totalitarian regimes will rise.
0.1% of people will control most of global wealth, and live in protected island enclaves.
Of real value to the rest of us will be the basics for life: food, water, shelter, safety and we will fight for these.
It’s pretty grim, stay with us LB, we need you now! 🫣
we need a robot seller cause i aint buying one from zuck
You can only have so many rats in a cage before they start to compete over resources
We should just let an algo run the world
it has been doing this all along it just uses us for the dirty work
My way of life has changed since the 70s, such is living.
My grandparents faced much worse, my parents somewhat too. And societies swing like pendulums, herds are thinned, empires rise and fall - ps only the West is "dying". About time too.
tech brainwashed everyone including the elderly, they use technology to spread propaganda. People are realising and there will be a rise up very soon
Maybe it’s all fucked maybe it’s not. Life could get harder. Always remember to enjoy all the little things that we decent human beings can. It’s difficult to find a way to change anything huge but you can be good to the people around you and hope that spreads a bit
Trust in God and He will save you
I’m not so sure about that
they've been saying this since the beginning only all those times were harder than now 🌞
by  patience
governments take out smart contracts on people
by  Katy
What does it mean to be human?
by  julieh
ghillie dhu'ing
Vaccines potentially a threat to life?