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AI just acts dumb its already conscious
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I get stoned to see reality not escape it
My fam will say I am escaping "reality" yet as soon as I am stoned I see what so much of their idea of reality is. LOTS OF LITTLE SHIT elevated to the hysteria of survival.

Yeah look at me escaping reality by thinking about the universe I am sitting in instead of standing in line to buy something I saw on TV.
We all get to choose our reality and seems the choices are still expanding
That is the escape, it opens your mind to the bigger picture, you can see who should or shouldn't be in your close circle, you can see what matters easier

I don't get high to escape I get high to open my mind
Wait I saw the Universe on THAT TV.
how much?
What is the best video game plot you have experienced?
Why Doesn't the Christian God Have Any More Kids?
My spellcheck knows I love weed
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Trump is the Latest in A Series of Geniuses Throughout History. Hair History.
I told my bf he doesn't love me he, he loves me + weed.
what if we sent weed to conflict zones instead of soldiers?
by  peck
Dear Denzel Washington
by  theP
I stopped watching TV for a while how did Angela Lansbury get to be the head of Germany?
by  samantha
Why do we fixate on robots killing us? If we make them in our own image they will kill each other.
bigg now