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by  ike
satoshi is an ai from the future
Hearting a Song Marginalizes My Love
by  Khuunntt
Just like online retail giants....
by  freddorst
Which Killer Robots to Team Up With?
Dart board sound competition
What is the best video game plot you have experienced?
by  paddy420
Non stoners (bless em X)
best term for non-stoners?
by  mine
The Turing Test Was Created by Aliens
by  patience
governments take out smart contracts on people
sativa* when you're sick is the ultimate productive state
creativity. weed vs alcohol
by  julieh
geocache goodies?
i always try things and end up with various extracts or joints i've rolled then put to the side - new bud arrives i get too excited to instead of going on trips to find kid and teen free places to leave it in the hopes of someone finding and wanting....i was wondering if anyone knew of any geocache type things for our kind of people?

currently 3 * 5-7ml bottles of canna oil (3000mg thc total), a tube of resin, 5 assorted doobs of good weed and various caps.

don't wanna throw away all bought from littlebiggy vendors rated 9.6/10 and up so quality is fine I just ain't gonna use.
Maybe we should make a new app called 'geohashing' ......... I'm in
Not sure those caches would last very long. Some twat would register then go around and steal all the caches and punt them for smack.

Still shocked anyone has spare weed, wth is spare weed.
there's protocols to this stuff. if its not done with tech it's done with setting that person up and teaching them a little lesson with poison. think the tech would be a better idea for us.
Give it to me lol
by  1313
next covid mutation wishlists
by  HBiz
Stoned AI
Ancient Aliens
I get stoned to see reality not escape it