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Stoned AI
I'm not a science guy but was wondering would it be theoretically possible to get AI high? And if so, what are the possible outcomes?
this begs the question what exactly is "stoned"?
Sean Pencil
Sean Pencil
This is a good philosophical question
Thanks for the input people. We'll, I assume that AI would prefer concentrates as its the natural evolution of cheeba, applying a coating of thc liquid using nano technology to the AI chip. Or the boring option programing the AI to mimic the cerebral high.

But just imagine, this vast supreme super intelligence, spaced out and then asked the meaning of life the universe and everything in it. To which the AI replies, 420.
J Swift UK
J Swift UK9.8/10
I would feel safer if we could get AI stoned.
The Daily Puff
The Daily Puff9.4/10
Sure just sold some shatter to an AI last week they love Diesel
Never even thought of this or even knew that this was a topic that could be debated :D but I wouldn’t of thought so due to how the human brain works if you’re comparing humans to ai in terms of robots. Unless this could be incorporated into their program but I wouldn’t of thought so due to humans having an endocannabinoid system. I’m not much of a science guy myself, but I do love exploring the possibilities of what could happen in the future in terms of artificial intelligence and humans. But a very interesting topic, if this gets more views and can form a big discussion I’m all for it, cause I too want to know what other people think of this and whether there’s a chance of it happening. Very interesting question though HBiz.
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