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little biggy theme song?
I want to send a million mail in votes for this on…
Ronald Reagan's Prophecy
And now a new generation is fighting for freedom f…
How To Control Guns
There have been attempts to make guns smarter. It …
on  Dbo
Is this in Las Vegas the start of Marshall law being brought in i.d implants retina scans checkpoints?
and here we go again bigga
Initiative: Own Page Visible to Post or Vote on Others
When you make any post you are speaking in public.…
High CBD/THC Drops UK
Good but you've got it backwards, bring the herbal…
Rex is hiring
In a nutshell it is structured around no-trust. T…
Full Disclosure
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Free Samples
started topic
Oli Bongo
on  Oli Bongo
Dank vapes making people ill
We need a test for this substance, does anyone kno…
on  {bitcoin}
Has anyone tried the Trust Wallet App?
Like the wallet but HUGE warning to anyone using t…
Modafinil vs. Armodafinil? I'm confused.
This has changed. r/afinil has cleaned up its act … + 2 more
bigg now