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by  fchype
what about cocaine?
I think we need some new pages.
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Should I be worried?
by  Smee
Sister stuck in eating disorders / looking for psilocybin microdoses
Hi biggas,

My little sister (21 years old) is stuck in eating disorders since 5 years, switching from restrictive anorexia to boulimia. This becomes extremely difficult for her, having already spent more than 5 months in different services without success.

The next step would be another internment in a specialized clinic, where she would be equipped by a nasogastric tube 24/7 for 3 weeks to reset her stomach (which is becoming very fragile due to her vomiting habit), which means not eating for 3 weeks.
I think this could do more psychologic damages to her.

I really want to help her. It's killing me.

She smokes weed but never did psychedelics and they seem to scare her a bit. Maybe she is not ready for a breakthrough yet but I'm pretty sure psilocybin microdosing could help her to deconstruct her deadly patterns. One research program exists in Baltimore, US ( but we live in France.

1) What do you think ?
2) I saw micro-doses caps of psilocybin several weeks ago from a LB vendor but can't find them anymore. Do you know if I can get this on here from a trustable source ?

Thank you... one love
I don’t know about microdoses but I know from personal experience that full blown trips can be monumental

It has to be done with some serious consideration of the persons ability to cope with any underlying psychological trauma that may be brought to the forefront of ones psyche as the dark side exists like from under a stone all kinds of things crawl out

Some serious chats is needed before hand to figure out a way to think about these complications on how to deal with and integrate into daily life

Small doses for beginners to get a small insight of the terrain they will explore. 1-2g of properly dried cubensis or 10-20g fresh
Lower for the nervous

Have plenty of fun things to do that don’t require to much concentration or this can cause some kind of stress or confusion
Hi guys are microdose caps are back in stock, limited stock grab em here
Hi mate,

I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for years and only started to confront it last January. I have been on a couple of different antidepressants and had therapy, but nothing seemed to work that well.

After reading up on the apparent benefits of psilocybin, I decided to give it a try to see it it helped. I ordered 15g of fresh psilocybin truffles from Holland and took around 8g one Saturday afternoon - just chilled on the sofa with an eyemask and soothing music. As this wasn't a massive dose I didn't 'trip balls', just felt high, happy and content. In the days after the trip, it was like my brain had been reset, and my anxiety and depression has massively improved. That was back in October and I'm still feeling the benefits.

I would definitely recommend a full dose trip as a starting point. By full I don't mean complete loss of ego level, just not a microdose. Around 5-7g is a good starting point, just Google 'magic truffles' and you'll see the sites selling them for around 15 euros a 15g portion. Very cheap considering the priceless benefits.

Some of these sites also sell microdose portions, but I'd recommend a full portion first as it had such a remarkable effect on me. Depending on the severity of your sister's condition, more than one trip may be needed, or the dose may need to be increased.

Hope this helps. All the best.
I use it also. Works wonders for psychological blocks

Stuff pharmaceuticals
just want to start off by saying sorry to hear about your sisters struggle. I cant imagine how hard that would be on everyone involved so thoughts are with you all mate. there havent been any up recently but I did see shrekage had them up at one point. if you contact them they may be able to help you out. good luck
by  Smee
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