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I can't seem to find anywhere to purchase bitcoin without identity verification. I don't have a passport and am currently awaiting a replacement drivers licence. anybody got any advice on how to get around verification?
You could also use Paxful mate. Don't need to verify until you've bought around £1100 i think. I used it to purchase 225 without ID and worked sound.
I've tried to use paxful but they've started wantin id at least for first purchase which I don't have just now. And bittylicious was wot I was using. Cos I don't have is was about £5 to buy btc, but recently I tried to buy & it was gonna be £15-20 to buy rather than a fiver, even late at night wen usually cheaper so looking at other options.
bittylicious is the best option, you don't have to verify until you've bought about £1200 worth of bitcoin or something. Prices can be a little steep at certain times though, try to find the best times for however much you're buying.

You just reminded me actually I desperately need to renew my license.
cheers I signed up for them but they will only let me buy 0.0049 something which is about $43 I was going to go for it and buy that amount multiple times but when I inserted my bitcoin address the exchange rate increased by 50%. Is this a premium charge for not being verified or do I just need to keep checking until it is a fair exchange rate?
I've always used bittylicious & had really small limit till verified email and phone. Then they only let me buy up to bout £30 - 40 the 1st time. But after 1st time could buy loads more even without id which don't have atm. But it was costing around £5 to get the btc thru them. But last time I tried it was gonna cost extra £15-20 rather than extra fiver just to buy around £50 btc! Don't know why it's suddenly gone so high, even at night wen it's usually cheaper cos off the brokers online. I'm looking at buying a crypto voucher for buying btc wen I buy sum on Tues. U pay by debit card, & there's a limit off about €40 euro at a time (sites in euros). But u can buy more than 1 voucher think its up to about £100 - £150 a day without id. Obv that means to get £50 btc will need to once converted to € buy around 2 x £25 vouchers. They said wen I contacted them that it doesn't come up with a fee wen u buy the btc voucher. But there's a 4% fee plus around $2 euro fee 2 redeem voucher 2 ur wallet. But will still be cheaper than wot bittylicious has asked for (last time £65 for £45 worth off btc they wanted. So whatever amount of btc am buying voucher for will buy the amount I need plus add on 4% & another €2. So wen go 2 click redeem & have it sent 2 my wallet then once the 4%ect fees are taken I'll have the amount off btc I need in my wallet.
Have u tried 2 use bittylicious in last cpl of weeks 2 buy without id? That's wen the costs sky rocketed on the site.
The site I'm gonna use 2 buy voucher with debit card card then redeem 2 my wallet is crypto voucher. io. I'd rather be able 2 if I need £50 btc just buy 1 voucher for £55 to cover fees redeem to my wallet but cos I can only buy less than that without id will be buying 2 vouchers for £28 or £29 to get total off around £50 btc in my wallet, stil more than the fiver roughly used 2 pay on bittylicious, but better than the £15-20 fees on bitty atm. And only cpl of pounds more than was paying. So bout the best can get till I get a new photo driving licence. Will update once bought & gone 2 redeem 1st voucher to my way on Tues.
Oh yeah sorry mate I forgot about the low limits at the start. It also increases after 3days, then 7days etc too as well as every time you buy (think you have to wait 24hours tho). My first time I had to buy in 3 lots lol but after that it was always high enough :)

50% is defo too high mate, atm I'm paying between 5-10% still a lot but better than not being able to buy at all! Once I got lucky and paid near enough no extra markup. I find midday to early evening gets me the best price usually.

It's worked well for me since April, think I'm getting close to that 1200 limit though haha good luck with it bud
nice one mate I will give it a go
Check out :
thanks will have a look now
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