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Should you be using this site via a VPN ?
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How do I see the latest items added to the site?
If I click on items at the top, for the last week or so I've seen the same item at the very top. I always thought that was sorted automatically in most recent order but it appears not. Love this site and the community but the no search/filter by sorting option and the lack of dates on posts make it hard to keep track of what's new and what isn't!
All you can do is bookmark the vendor that interest you and regularly check their pages, Quite a few will also announce new additions on the topics wall. Why there is still no Search function is mind boggling…🔍
nobody knows how the wall works not even the devs lol but lb is bigga than just the wall,searching in people can find you vendors not on the wall by their own choice or not made it yet.
At first that kind of bugged me as well but then i figured what the hell who cares if its a topic i have something to post on why not ,yea this place is messed up,bunch of stoners lmao :)
You are not the only one to ask.
Best thing is to make a note of the sellers you like and visit their sections on a regular basis.
As a vendor we have to put ourselves out there otherwise we wont be on the wall. We've been on here for almost two years and the wonder wall still baffles us.
It’s not a wall it’s a black hole sucking vendors into it and spitting them out In Some whacked out order ahhah i don’t even think the creators know how it works they just switched it on and ran lol
You’re not trying hard enough. You need to open your third eye and control the wall with your mind to see what you seek. 🤪

In all seriousness, it’s pretty baffling and a bit of a pain in the bum at times but at least we get to procure some primo gear. It just takes a bit of faffing and endless obsessive scrolling/checking topics.
Vendors and users alike have asked for changes such as this but none as yet….😅

Some Vendors do post a topic when something new is in, but even that section gets jumbled up…. I’ve found logging out (on mobile) then looking at the topics page again, will refresh it with the newest at the top..👍

The wall on the other hand 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
by  klayton88
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What exactly is the point of transaxe support?
No I.D..
Reluctant dispute
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Vendor told me to cancel dispute to get refund and weeks later still nothing
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Account Detail not saved in keyring iPhone
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Vendor said they will contact transaxe to sort a refund out. They haven't. Dispute auto ends in two days.