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Do I need a Bitcoin wallet?
by  Anisia
When do I dispute?.
Made the newbie mistake of not reading the posts under the very good reviews for one vendor and took the plunge.

It was meant to be four day delivery but now has hit the 11 day mark. Went back and found alot of people complaining in posts.

Started contacting the vendor who took three messages on average to answer a simple question each time. Eventually I was given a tracking number that corresponded to the date I ordered but was vague and wasn't moving at all.

Seller came up with the idea of reship very quickly which I thought was nice. But today I searched the tracking number and it's arrived in the US(I'm in Ireland) so I was clearly just fed a number to keep me quiet.

So if I'm being told that it's been reshipped, do I wait the four business days and trust again or dispute immediately?.

What happens when you dispute?.
It's bloody annoying to be honest. This idea of vendors "getting too big", it's a package with a label on it. Get it right for gods sake.

It's more the torture of not having weed so long.
The first time I try a new vendor as well.
The dispute button will appear on your order page from Day 9. Never be persuaded to delay a dispute, you can always cancel it if arrives or you agree another settlement.
You’ve been messed about enough- dispute now and get your coin back.
You should also name and shame for the benefit of other Biggas…👍
I did as you said. Heard from vendor who reiterated that it had been "resent". Think it wasn't sent first place "on accident".

The tracker now indicates a customs charge is needed, in other words, it's been seized. I'm almost certain. Will know for sure tomorrow. There isn't a status in the Irish tracking system for "seized" hence my suspicion.

Vendors have previously used first class post and that works very well to Ireland.
Can other vendors make note of this?. Irish customers should be told first class is the only way to go.

So double bad luck for me. I hope I don't get a knock on the door.
Double Ouch! 😖😖
You hopefully will still get your coin back.🤞
I think you should create a topic advising vendors about Irish post based on your experience.
Good luck 👍
First time ever to dispute an order with a vendor but can you advise what happens next (if you know please). I basically pressed dispute and wrote a message but not sure what happens next ? Thanks
You’ll get a response. They will ask for your btc wallet address and you’ll get refunded….👍
Still nothing from vendor seriously extracting the urine multiple others having same problem. Have disputed but no answer from them any idea what next stage is to get dough back ?
Contact transaxe direct by clicking chat on their page (link below). Include your order reference and btc wallet address. Briefly explain and request a refund. Remind them you have already used the Dispute button without response. Good luck 🤞

Cheers buddy 👍
Sorry to hear that Anisia this year has seen a surge of new vendors hope it gets sorted.

ps, we can't stand the little blighters 😂
The problem here also GT is there is quite clearly one 'ex' vendor who's ratings and reputation hit the dirt, and I, as well as some others believe he has remereged under two different names since and the same shit patterns that became his habit are happening under those names too. There needs to be like a one month wait after registering Before you can start vending or something. It doesn't hurt their pockets when they can just exit scam and reappear a few days later.
👍👍 some sites require an escrow deposit from new vendors 🤔
I know you are here for a while so I'd appreciate if I could ask you this.

Long story short this UK vendor sent me a tracked delivery to Ireland (rep). Ive had a note in the door looking for customs charges broken down as follows.
Customs Value :17.79
Import and excise are at 0.00
VAT : 4.09
Admin Fee : 3.50
Total 7.59.

My concern is that either I am paying for an empty package with a seizure letter inside(it's what they do here) and/or by engaging I may be incriminating myself. I've asked vendor to confirm what was put on declaration.

What are your thoughts on this or indeed anyone else that can chime in?.
Well I know you guys have a hell of a time of it in Ireland but I don’t have any experience of it to share I’m afraid. I don’t even know if it’s normal to be charged for packages in that way.

Maybe start a topic on the wall asking for advice from Ireland based Biggas and vendors who send there?

Good luck👍🤞
Arrived today intact and so ended dispute.
Thanks for all the feedback.
Lots of fruity shit going on lately, if you catch my drift 😡
by  Seffron
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