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Do I need a Bitcoin wallet?
Hello everyone. Total noob here trying to find my feet! So I’m just trying to wrap my head around making payment with Bitcoin and am a little confused about the best way to go about it. I’ve seen it mentioned in posts here that it’s not necessary to have a wallet and that you can send BTC direct to seller’s BTC address is that correct? I’ve setup an account with Bittylicious so presumably I make an order here, await payment instructions from seller who will provide BTC address then I buy Bitcoins to that amount and enter their BTC address instead of an address to a wallet I own? Have I got that right?? So is this process how people generally make payments on here and is this an accepted method for most sellers? Seems more straightforward to me to do it this way then go via a wallet first. Thank you for any advice on this!
I buy my bitcoin and then send to a wallet that is not linked to any of my personal information. It's a software wallet on an android device. I send from this wallet to ensure the purchase is not linked to anything. You don't have to send from a wallet, but I personally choose to.
I don’t bother with a wallet, I just purchase it and send it straight to the transaction address. It’s easier for me to manage. Don’t know if that’s a good way to do it or not, but it makes it really simple.
you have no control over the fee's you pay sending it like this tho
One thing that I find a bit of a pain doing direct payment is Paybis only let you send minimum $60, which if you're just buying small amounts is a bit of a pain. Just had this problem with my latest order today. I wanted to send $50, but the smallest I could buy was $60. Maybe using a wallet would be easier?

What wallets are people using? Which is the easiest to use?
So you use a site like coinbase to buy the bit coins (many others are available to) and then you move the bit coins from your online wallet on the site to your personal wallet that you have on a laptop or a phone like electrum
Then send the money from your wallet to the dealer that way as it's a bit more secure its advised to put your coins through a tumbler in between the steps to make it harder to track
Hi! I’m new to all this too & have used Bittylicious, following the same process you’ve described above.
I’ve placed 3 orders with 3 vendors and it’s worked a treat so far!
Hey Georgie, FYI if wanting to join cloud based BTC mining https://bit.ly/387uYzm
Can use on all devices too to increase hash rates
I'm just about to register with Bittylicious too. Is it easy enough to buy bitcoins through them?
Hi, yes it is.

I recommend you to read this:

Hey mate, as well as buying BTC, if wanting to join cloud based BTC mining to earn small BTC amts for free - https://bit.ly/387uYzm Can use on all devices too to increase your hash rates
you can get the btc app on ur iphone or android and super easy to get set up or blockchain app, btc all on ur phone sounds like a deal to me
Also there's a lot good wallets & a lot of bad. Exodus was recommended 2 me by lots of ppl. It's easy 2 use & support is really good for any problems & really quick. Cos I needed sum help 2 start with regarding fees ect. The transaction fees are low compared 2 others.
Also I've only used bittylicious as don't currently have photo ID, so it usually costs a bit more than if I had ID. But I was usually being charged bout a fiver 2 buy btc cos off this. But last time I tried 2 buy btc, it was gonna cost nearly £20! So I'm lookin at buying crypto vouchers from crypto.io I've stil 2 purchase 1. And u need 2 add bout 4%, plus €2-3 euros (its in €) to amount u wanna buy. But will still b cheaper than wot bittylicious is charging atm. Hopefully fees will go back down. I will update once I've bought a voucher. But apparently you buy the voucher then redeem the code to your wallet address. And without id am limited to buy Internet about £40 at once so might have to buy 2 x £25 or wot eva vouchers till get id but stil cheaper than what bittylicious are asking atm. Bittylicious usually cheaper later at night, cos depends on the brokers that were on. But its still been gonna cost at least £15 extra wen buying £40 worth of btc..
Iv no been buying btc as long as most on here. But I buy from there as well. And deffo would not buy without my own wallet. Reason is you get up to 2 hours to send payment here or order is cancelled. And if u place order & then go 2 buy btc. I have 2 hrs from the time u place order, 2 buy the btc make the transfer 2 pay for it, then have the btc sent 2 u. They say it can take up2 2 hours 4 the btc 2 b sent. It doesn't usually. But if payment is no recieved in that time then it will cancel ur order. So don't know wot happens if ur order is cancelled & uv already sent payment directly wen u buy the btc. But at best it's w lot off hassle.
When you write in your address etc and all the details and click buy. Nothing happens. Can’t make scenes of the mmm this site at all. How do you send them your bug coin once you have selected your herb?? Please and thanks
when you click pay it redirects you to a wallet address, copy that address and send the bitcoin from your own wallet to the address you just copied :)
using coinbase i can buy btc and transfer them to my wallet in a few mins then spend them costs £2.50 or so in fees
Recommend following TGT guidance :)

I'm a newbie to LB too but I've done a lot with Btc in the past (mining etc). I now use Bitpander to buy and send Btc, once I'd got my account set up (verification was really quick but you do need ID) I just used a credit card to put money in my £ wallet than you can transfer it to Btc and the bitcoin sits in your Bitcoin wallet (auto created). You can then transfer Btc to LB sellers via the link it generates. Make sure you are logged in to LB when you place the order otherwise you can't track it or easily message the seller. Note it can take 20 minutes for the block chain to update after sending the Btc so don't freak out, it will update.
I did have a local Btc wallet on my pc but this isn't necessary for LB transactions, it does offer greater security if you were to hold a high value wallet for the medium to long term.
I'm glad you asked this as I was in the middle of typing exactly the same thing! Totally new to bitcoin as well. So am I right in saying that if you don't have a wallet getting refunds isn't possible?
If u dont sent coin from a wallet how would ypu get a refund if the order didnt land or you had to dispute an order
exactly how you described like!
cexio provide a wallet included so you don't have to have a separate one. Some people however prefer to buy BTC from one place and have a separate wallet from another. Once you have loaded up your wallet with BTC you can then copy and paste the sellers BTC address ( that long ass number lol) and pay them direct, or do an order and it will give you half an hour to pay them on here on LB.
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