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Hi so I received a order I was not happy with so I disputed I got a message from the seller saying it was cheap weed (150 a oz) it was terrible tho literally no high from smoking a blunt. They offered 3.5 of amnesia haze but said that’s all they can offer should I accept ? Or wait for transaxe to refund me will they do a full refund ? I’d possibly be happy with a half refund but 3.5 for what I received is cheeky
Dispute it. You are a noobie so it’s hard to convince transaxe of your reputation but even if they settle at 50% you are better off than settling for a Henry that might also be rubbish. Ditch that seller.
There is plenty of highly regarded shake on here that people say is better than some cheap bud. Have a look at Pistach ….
Yeah if he said 50% I would of agreed but with the lack of any high what would ever for 150£ 25% is just not enough. Yeah I will give pistachio a try too ! Any recommendations for what to get off him ?
If it’s bangs for bucks you can get an ounce of his highly regarded MAC1 trim for $64 with free postage (or just try a half). Link below:


If you are not a fan of trim and want nugs I’ll find a couple of budget ones for you…..stand by…..😉
Depending on description of the item during time of purchase..

Transaxe that shit that why they are here
It was in my opinion worth 0£ it had no high after a blunt wouldn’t be surprised if it was 100%cbd all the other reviews say pretty much the same just feel bad on the seller shame they offered such a low reship, gnna go ahead and try ur budget flower hoping it will at least give me a high loool
150 is very cheap if it's good (too good to be true even) but very expensive if it doesn't work and not worth smoking. TBH you're better off paying a bit more because you're going to come across a lot of crap with the budget options. There's plenty of higher grade options about 220. A third more expensive but you'll only need half as much to get baked :)
Yeah I have no problem with paying more for quality have you got any suggestions? I don’t mind paying 240£ a oz as long as it’s quality and lasts longer high wise, what I get now for 150£ of my local guy is good stuff but the high isn’t very long lasting so I smoke a lot now. I’d prefer to do it totally online if possible because I’ve got anxiety it’s just hard finding someone here to trust
It really isn’t hard to find someone to trust on here, in fact 90% of vendors are trustworthy and many of those are simply golden!
Flick through the menu of Drugs Inc (link below)…he has ounces at $150 and up and the quality is well documented with thousands of reviews- you are spoilt for choice.

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