little buggy
little buggy
Bug reports here people and we will see what happens :) Be specific please and make sure you say what your device and browser is.
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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Hello is it me you are looking for....

It appears I am not visible on the people or item wall, if anyone can see this please give me a sign.
Gods Connect
Gods Connect9.7/10
I am alive!!!
Sadly, i do notice that sometimes too when i'm not signed into my account, certain vendors like yourself don't show up on the wall, not too sure as of why though.
UK 420
UK 4209.8/10
Periodically you will find your items off from the wall. Hence the reason they call it the wonder wall. The more new items you post and new members you bring into Biggy, it greatly increases the chances of your products visibility.
Artisan Extracts
Artisan Extracts
UK420 can you explain how this works a bit more please? I assume you mean the algorithm/engine which controls the item listings prioritises more active users and listings. Is that right? So if you want listings to show up more regularly we should refresh and add new listings as regularly as possible.

What's this about it working on 'new members you bring into Biggy' ? I am new but hadn't seen any recommend new community members style thing going on. Have I missed this?
UK 420
UK 4209.8/10
Gladly -

The algorithms are computed from Up votes, Down votes, buy / sell reputation and also community threads / posts and last but not least - Bringing more members into join Biggy with your referral code or via the share links provided.

To Greatly enhance product visibility, work on fetching new members into Biggy with your referral codes and share links.
By adding fresh NEW products to your inventory often also greatly increases your product and profile visibility. (DO NOT DUPLICATE)

For more information on referrals, please visit transaxe profile for a more detailed thread on the matter.
Artisan Extracts
Artisan Extracts
Thank you for the explanation UK420, that has made it a lot clearer. I will check Transaxe profile for info on referrals as I hadn't even realized that was a thing here (sorry lb noob here).
poop lion
poop lion
word up right here
Your there
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