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little buggy
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Bug reports here people and we will see what happens :)

Be specific please and make sure you say what your device and browser is.
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poop lion
by  poop lion
Is anyone else having trouble with android?
I get dumb sizing on several pages using a galaxy edge 5
Using a pixel 3xl with chrome browser and everything seems fine to me. Although it can take a while to load pages at certain times.
I agree with the incredibly slow loading times. I've noticed it's typically on vendors pages who have alot of threads / topics to load. If you go to a newer vendor, or someone with not many threads / comments, it seems to load fine ( in my experience ).

I wonder if there's a way LB can limit the amount of threads that have to load when you first view a vendors page? And maybe add a "see more" option at the bottom to look further if you wish. But loading EVERYTHING they have ever posted seems to be the main cause of the slow loading times for me (I'm using a new android device so it's unlikely a hardware issue)
Mines acting up at the moment things are really slow, Im getting restricted pages and can't send a message without it crashing on me
what browser?
Everytime I go to send a message to drugs Inc. My page freezes and crashes. I was wondering if it was a known problem
What browser
I'm using android, regular Google.. ?
Yeah I've noticed a big slowdown the past week or so. Some pages and topics won't even open and just crash the site if I try. Hard to engage with the community at the moment because of it.
I cannot see a send button on the ratings page.
Using Huawei with android
bit poppa
I've got the same phone and find it a lot better since last month or so.
Your omniscient descendants
i have a problem on text input for example this post, when the text box opens the way the page then zooms is a freak show, and the auto correction does not work maybe its the way its defined in the code. i'd be happy to contribute to the bounty if anyone fixes this.
iron jizz
Login screen is shite.
Sag mir ich bin nicht alleine
This seems to have improved on my phone
This happens to me with text input but only when leaving reviews. I'm able to write this post just fine on chrome for android but I have to write reviews in my notes app and copy paste them.
by  PiemanFR
Still saying unpaid 12 hours later
removing stuck buy order notification
"Error sorry" after trying to insert new product
Issue with review after password change
Removing problem Referral Codes
by  X6
Can't receive msgs
by  wells
voting fxs dissapear after posting
order paid for but no order went through.
Ms patient
Bitcoin confirmed sent but order marked as unpaid
Big Bug! Nobody can pay for items..
transaxe delays null paying for NDD!!!
Lost my Apple strong password
Can't list items
help adding profile image?
by  Mickelinn
2 orders non shown
PGP Issue at Checkout
by  Brettb
Cart error
image not present or invalid
Can't Rate/Review Multiple Items from same vendor when buying through the new Cart System
by  PieBoy
Days for delivery now has a maximum figure.
transaxe doesn't link up with littlebiggy
Can't uncheck visibility from people's wall
Cant see my orders (current or previous)
The site went down while paying
by  Pukkapuff
date and time stamp for posts
by  G8ix
Improve the usability, please.
Made an order, no order showing ?
All of my messages have disappeared??? Please help!!!
by  thagor
Address line does not play nice with special characters
by  Riko58
Order paid but missing from orders and no confirmation.
Two payments.
by  Gravity20
Time and Date
Is radar breeder okay?
by  Bolivar
Tor browse bookmarks
by  emmy
Messages Refresh
by  diceman
broken images and mirroring? (links in lb format)
Email notifications not working
Order disappeared?
BitPay address form is 2 character too short!
Photos sitting sideways
by  howzitsir
Can't see media attacher