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Accountants Of The Revolution
I have worked on every side of the tax business. The opportunity to work anonymously allows me to help you without the fears that might otherwise plague both of us.
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Everyone wants to know how hard to push it, it's usually a question I can answer; the exception is when they start to tell me something outrageous. You can do this here as long as you aren't using your real name; I recommend you take any other precautions you paranoia supports, everything is discoverable given enough time.

I time all of my work with you and keep records to the minute, generally it takes me about 15 minutes to consider a question and spit the answer from rote memory. In the case where an answer requires straightforward research I usually get it done with an additional 30 minutes leaving the client with a remaining 15 minutes for an additional question. Should it get any trickier than this I let the client know what we are in for time and cost wise.

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Ask absolutely anything, I can answer most questions within 24 hours.
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10/10 1 hour of agressive tax advice
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10/10 1 hour of agressive tax advice
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