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Anonymous Medical Testing
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by  cisko
Can I get Diabetes from Eating Too Much Sugar?
Can well or anyone else test lung mucus for what diseases may be present? i would much appreciate this information
Should I Get a Genetic Screening Test?
I am looking for a substitute for health insurance so I can get the hell out of the place I work, can you help?
by  bayou
How can I test for the Zika virus?
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The year after 9/11 1,500 Americans died on the road to avoid the fate of the 246 passengers killed.
If someone isn't going to make a buck out of it we aren't going to ever notice it.
How Can I Stay High All the Time?
Worked for Jesus
doctor doc
Suddenly can't tolerate sugar this is scary
When you say you can't look at the stuff - what exactly is it you feel?
Decreased Brain Plasticity from Modafinil
This is basically a send up on anything that can be considered a "cognitive enhancer" - except for some reason amphetamines. I wonder who f…
What if Taxes were started for churches at least Scientology the World has enough Bad fiction already spread too thick f…
The IRS tried there little heart out on this one, the Scientologists know how to fight.
why don't you libertarians ever go off on the medical system? it's the coziest relationship between government and indu…
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Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima
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Zaha Hadid 1950-2016
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Do I have CHLAMYDIA? discussion
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Why are so few of our sales showing up in these new statistics?
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for the would be collector discussion
what do you have for this coming summer in nyc?