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These Remarkable Rookies
For the unitiated 1st National Dispensary must seem to reside somewhere in the future. A place where cannabis is bought at convenience stores and sheer novelty garners proximity to the check out counter.

Beat Visualiser Gods Connect elevates UK cannabis far above the Dantesque depths of irl and darknet alternatives.

uk420 serves lucky biigaz with a quality, timeliness and sense of repsonsibility that has set the standards not only for this rookie class but for any purveyor of anything at any time.

Also have a looksie at {where to buy marijuana online}.

Classic denizens since 2012
The Tree Shop - A denizen from day 1 with an impeccable record.

Buds Bunny - Unique products from a responsive vendor.

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Dark Delivery

Unless you have a proven alternative use your real address and name, phonies are suspicious to your local mailman who is required to report anything suspicious. A slight alteration using initials or a misspelling is enough to lay a a crumb of deniability while leaving all concerned eyebrows firmly in place. Though its understandable most new buyers over-worry delivery; if you have already selected a reputable vendor (see The Guide) who has established her ability to deliver safely there is little reason for concern.

Tracking is a missed blessing, it makes your seller more accountable, though some escrow disputes may go your way from its omission. Though it's nice to see your package's progress the fact that it is valuable enough to be tracked brings it under the scrutiny of postal police or perhaps pilferers of a more personal persuasion. If your country's customs clerks are notorious for either habit stay untracked and keep your risk with the seller.

Now the waiting game begins, you can return to the site to check on shipping status, a professional vendor will have your goodies on their way within a business day, tor/site problems not withstanding. If you haven't seen a change in status after 3 days contact your seller or just cancel the order and start over, this may incur transactional costs but consider it the price of education.

Your vendor should have made some representations as to delivery time. Realize that variance is not his variable, postal services are remarkably inconsistent places with slowdowns from holidays and logistics that we can not see. Shipments to some locales can take 3 weeks and 6, though rare, is not unknown. Patience not panic, if you have a good vendor a happy ending awaits regardless of circumstance.
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8/10 How To Receive Sensitive Packages
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10/10 How To Receive Sensitive Packages
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10/10 How To Receive Sensitive Packages
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