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What if Reparations for Slavery were Paid Instead of Bank Bail Outs?
But why is the US Federal Gov the plaintiff? They fought against slavery with everything they had, 100 years later they peacefully fought the South ag…
In the 1970s Irish Banks went on strike. Pubs replaced them easily.
on  foster
AI worries.masturbation
This is all very clever and it's easy to make fun of geniuses that are obsessed with a coming AI takeover. But fuck me I am glad Hawking and Musk and…
Tupac's Banned Christmas Interview
well he was a ballet dancer before he was a rapper
Why is redlining considered immoral by most people?
If you think were going to bite on that and ask who then forget it. Or answer right here. YOUR CHOICE DUDE
Mac Mini and Vive?
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