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Top 10 Seller Tips
your up and running Now What
come to daddy that's what. Each tip here is bank.
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#7 Freshness
This is really an instance of #1 but bears special attention cause its so fuckin Fresh. You are going to have:

Repeat Customers that would fancy spicing things up.

Lurkers who come back and are won over at last.

These 2 types of customers are basically your entire audience once you are up and running. If they see something new every time they come back into the store they will come back just for this reason and you are set sister.
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#1 novelty
sometimes it feels like we are in athens and the algorithms are in olympus. no one never knows quite what they are doing. but one thing is clear, they adore the new. not only the fresh but the different. uniqueness seems to mitigate everything, even ratings and noobness.
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#3 Character Matters
Not just in the traditional sense of integrity, you've probably figured out that already if you get the rep system. What I'm saying is your lb “persona” is a live brand and it’s in a 24/7show here. Love your character brand, develop it and grow it deeper over time. Your customers will love you deeper than virtually any brand in their lives, that's the stakes. And don’t let “your” emotions get in conflict with how your LB character behaves.
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#8 Grow Your Own
Recommend new users to littlebiggy with your transaxe token. This will earn you bitcoins even if they buy from someone else.

The algrothms will also see you are growing the biggyverse and this will increase your own visibility very, very significanty.
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#2 Gorgeous Images
People click more on pictures than words so if your item and profile images are outstanding you are going to be in the ball game right there.
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#9 Wanted Items
There’s a lot of buyers in {wanted items} but none of the larger sellers bother with it. It’s a little naughty in there but that’s good. Surrouned by fake ass biggaz you look like a player just by having a rating next to your name.
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#6 Photo Reviews
These are too legit. Guaranteed boost every time you have one of these. Happy customers will do this if you ask.
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#4 Post!
Yes, make the standard intro and salesy posts but also weigh in on topics that interest or amuse you. Every time you add a topic or make a comment your rating appears next to your name and this gets buyers attention every time, it's free advertising each time you post. If you don't have anything to say be a helper to people with questions, it works even better.
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#5 Use the entire biggyverse
If you are only using little biggy you are missing a great audience in “society” a fork of little biggy on the tor onion network (http://societywcowsoak6.onion) just use a tor browser.

Society has different algorithms than little biggy and seems to be more liberal with new users. With an onion url you can promote on the deep web, which is much more open to anonymous identities. with a verifiable rep you are the light of that universe instead of the shadowy character you are on the open web.

It’s simple to make sure you are connected to both networks, just go to visibility in your settings.
I just logged in there with my LB credentials but the contents of the site seems the same as on LB (just with green letters instead of blue) so I'm really not sure what I'm missing here?
Thanks a lot learnt a lot from you I would like to learn more as I’m looking for a big vendor who can supply bigger quantities
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No kid you're looking to get picked off.

Take it slow and learn about your sellers with your own knowledge. The only scam that works around here is bringing people offsite and this kind of post looks like a huge piece of meat to waiting parasites.
Thanks means a lot I’ll take your advice and run with it
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# 10 Hire Me
If you want guaranteed results then look no further friend, my Star Maker guarantees success.
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