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Don't know who this is but he seems to be a troll. He wrote an essay on one of my products with a completely false accusation. He seems to think that bots removed my larger listings because of me being a scammer but I have relisted a larger amount to prove otherwise. The real reason I removed them was because my team didn't agree with my pricing so we are trying to find a fair balance. Until then we are doing an Ounce maximum. We are very new to LB and don't want any teething problems so we made a topic to clear this up. This guy has clearly not worn his tin foil hat today so we thought it best to clear things up.
All the best
From the Team
I wish you nothing but an inbox full of happy customers, but you are giving some strange vibes.

You're 'established on the Dark Web for many years' but don't know what your prices are, how to get paid "directly to coinbase" how to privately message or how to handle a 'troll'.
One to ponder with The Team maybe.
All the best.
Hello. Yes although the other 2 are fully established, I am admittedly fairly new to this. I am keen to learn more but I'm limited to LB for now. Thank you for the kind words
How about troll vendors? How can any vendor on LB send standard delivery when i pay for tracked next day delivery? Did he notnotice the extra money?🤔 can he not read? Or maybe he just wants to fck ppl over…
Hey there. I would give him the benefit of the doubt as he seems communicative and willing to sort it out.
Its been a week this is the first time he messaged, and what benefit? The benefit that he took my money and sent it standard anyway? The facts don’t lie..
I understand that, I hope it all works out for you
Must be karma….this is what you posted on a new vendor just very recently:

“ They're scammers. Leave bad reviews. Give them negative votes on all their posts and topics…”

What goes around comes around…….🤔
That seller sold multiple people hermaphrodite bud so not the same thing really
That seller may well have made a mistake and not known that his bud was hermied. Mistakes happen don't they. I'm sure you'll find that out and hopefully people don't take your own advice when this happens.

Maybe he could have dealt with it quicker but the fact is he dealt with it and is still selling successfully.

Your behaviour however was way worse than the vendors. Your behaviour was no better than us 'trolls'. Telling people to downvote and leave shit reviews.

You've not started out well here. These posts will get removed but folk have seen now. Your suss as fuck and haven't a clue what your doing. Simple as that!

I hope karma bites you hard!
The person I was speaking to was another of his customers who got stung. He lied constantly and the other customer has sent me a screenshot of a conversation where the seller called him a c**t. I'm prettybsure that the seller is you, in fact. And you have just created new accounts to try and discredit me because myself and others exposed you. I know you wish me bad luck but, unlike you. I wish you all the best
I hope you wouldn't bet your life on it being me because your so wrong. If he called the other buyer a cunt then that's wrong, especially for a vendor. But what you did was wrong also. You wanna hope you don't make any mistakes or you'll be in for it. I'm just going to sit back and watch Mr 2 sales 😏
Yes it's not tonight at all. He has acted like a scum bag from start to finish so he needs exposing. We have done everyone a favour making it known how he operates. Unless its you, you should be thankful he has been exposed. Well enjoy sitting back and Ince again. All the best
Walk first pal no one wants to buy a massive amount when you don't have any reviews i would only go to a vender with 1000s of reviews if I'm buying anything over $300 you need to get some rep first imo this dosnt clear anything up just looks suss
Yes that's a fair point
U started on here offerin 8oz for $1k now u relisted the item for $1.5k because ur make believe "team" dont agree with ur pricing??!! And im a troll for calling bollox? Come on mate ffs ur so fuckin dodgy its not even close to being believable. Try harder next time. And I never said borgs removed ur first listing I said u did when the borgs picked up on ur dodgy shit which is EXACTLY what happened. Not trolling, truth.
I have added an 8oz price to prove that I am able able and it wasn't LB or "borgs" that have banned me etc it was done to simply prove that I'm not under any suspicion and I'm able to sell freely. The price has increased because I've listed it to prove a troll (YOU) wrong, after which inwill be removing it so the specific amount is of no issue. When I refer to my team I speak of the grower, who ultimately sets the price, and my working partner who alongside me invests in products to sell. It is therefore my obligation to make sure MY TEAM are all happy, aswell as customers.
Once again
All the best
Chunk only just joined, I wonder why;)
Becoz I dont want this twat to down vote my other account like hes down voting this one u genius and if you cant argue with any of the facts put forward exposing this guy before he rips people off (which will inevitably happen and you can apologise then if you like) then either shut up or go and buy some of his shitty stardawg and get ripped off I couldnt give a shit tbh
One day old accounts aren’t really credible. Anyway you sound super smart so good luck on your quest to nowhere;)
gr8 response, really helps people on here avoid being scammed so thanks ur a real asset well done
Yeah keep digging mate u sound more and more legit every minute. Lolol.
Watever if people r stupid enough 2 buy from u thats there own fault theyve been warned. time will tell as it always does and we both know u aint gonna be here for long mate just long enough to get ur scam on. Ull still get orders no doubt. this place is fuckt and full of idiots who jump at cheap weed like lemmings off a cliff
If that's how you feel then I'm notbsure why your here... with multiple accounts... lolol you sell on another account but call us all idiots.. Great customer care. My order tomorrow is getting a free Brownie, Moonrock and Shatter with their order because we value honest feedback and opinions. You are just a troll.
Once again all the best
He's pointed out canna.extractor for his prices being rock bottom even though he's doing the exact same himself :/
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