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Best opsec way to offer tracked shipping
We are trying to figure this out. Help is appreciated and you can message us too with tips.

Thanks in advance

I know some vendors offer tracked but don’t release the tracking code, rather if there’s an issue you message them and they will check it and advise you, not sure if that’s what you’re on about or not lol
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Hi jolo201201,

it is about the safest of offering a tracked orders. This would be good for larger orders. But the issue is that because it is tracked it can also be tracked to the location you posted it when something goes wrong. I suspect this is also the reason why some vendors won't give you the tracking code.
Did you get anywhere with this?
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Even if you don't give the tracking code out, whoever you send to can read it off the label your post office has stuck to the package....
Tracking on a label means one buyer saw one location. Np.

If you give out tracking codes you’ve made a database on LB of where every parcel was sent from and to. Fine as long as it’s in safe hands, no way you’d know if it wasn’t.
never thought of it like that, that sounds scary
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That is indeed true if you decide to go through the post office,
Yeah, post safety is pretty much the one thing holding me off selling on here atm
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From a opsec point of view, it is the toughest bit for sure.
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Just give them the tracker,

once they receive the pack the tracking number is stuck on the front so they can see where you post from either way.
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It is not so much the customer I am worried about. But more LE can track you back which post office you used.
Flipping camera's everywhere these days.
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Pay someone to do it for you.

Change posties regularly.

Stop offering tracked delivery

That's the only 3 ways around it
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