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Selling on little biggy vs the darknet
I've done both and thought I'd try and detail a comparison for anyone thinking of coming over from the Emperor's Realm. TLDR it's a very different place in a good way.

wtf goes here? There is only 1 rule on little biggy: no harm. Like everything else this is ultimately interpreted by users vote but a few consistent things have been established and would take some doing to undo:

- Weapons and instruments of fraud as well as items harmful in their production like child pornography are fucked thankfully. Hacking tools are forbodden and even copyright piracy is considered stealing.

- Anything with a real risk for a lethal overdose is considered too harmful for this community. There seem to be some arguments around this.

Along with the fraud exclusion the reputation system here seems to almost completely eliminate scamming which for me is the biggest difference of all. Basically the way it works is your history is everything, you are like a ghost here without it. If you don't have one yet and you are a buyer you get to stall a dispute until you have gathered reputation. If you are a seller here it's a little more complicated. Basically I see people get a chance with a real short leash attached to it. There is still some accusations and posts are hella visible here so drama threads can get out of hand but only real buyers get to write reviews and rate you and that's all that matters when things go wrong or if you want your item seen.

Stability: little biggy was established in 2007 and began accepting bitcoins in 2012 or 2013. During my time here which is over a year it's been 100% uptime. My payment processor has gone down for about 5 hours total.

Non-profit: little biggy is not a business and doesn't have the motivation to make money and I think that ultimately this is the root of the big differences. If you're more mercenary like me you can find this annoying on some level but after a while you realize that there isn't much need for money if people write a little code so why not it makes for a nice place.
Wow, I can’t believe it’s been going since 2007, I only found this place a few days ago, I never would have, if it hadn’t been for a webpage called high and polite, so I am grateful to them, that I have found littlebiggy. I used to use Silk Road when that 1st started out, but no other site since. I’ve been doing some lurking and reading and will make a purchase. From what I can see I think it’s a well put together site and I am grateful for whoever put this together as it’s nice to be able to have lots of choice, something you don’t really get from the street. One Love man.
Soylent brown
Soylent brown
I think the term darknet is kind of a shit classification to begin with.
RIZ Guides
RIZ Guides10/10
Maybe so but I think it's self chosen.
bit easy really
bit easy really10/10
whataya mean mate?
tasty kush
tasty kush9.4/10
People feel like they are part of something legit in a way that doesn't exist on the darknet where everyone is just waiting for the next scam. Also feels different not to see all that gnarly shit when you first logon.
Todd's Sure Thangs
Todd's Sure Thangs10/10
biggas nailed it right here
The Tree Shop
The Tree Shop9.3/10
this. which means you can invest your soul into the place, in the long run this makes all the difference. i now see new sellers coming up that are attracted to lb for this reason.
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