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buying in a crypto environment is like traditional ecommerce except:

payments are made using bitcoins

protection is provided by technology instead of authority
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{buy help}
Start Buying
by  Tozza
what items would be best to help pain relief?
Seller is scamming.. I got account deleted for trying to warn people
by  RobDj79
Coinbase: To use or not to use?
help with autocancel
by  zeppomarx
Never accept partial refunds or reships
* If you have more than 2 orders you will do better with a dispute and auto settlement.

* You are letting down the community by not bringing this data to light. It's what keeps this place going.

Unscrupulous sellers will try to pick you off with this, just say no.
In truth, good comms generally solves everything.

Biggas have a tendency to go on the attack when let down, vendors have a tendency to get defensive or put their heads in the sand and ignore messages. Either way comms break down.

Fortunately most disputes are resolved amicably between parties without resorting to Borgs. However Biggas should prudently use the dispute system that is provided for them and which we all pay for- never be persuaded to delay a dispute beyond the period specified. Protect your coin by disputing correctly and honestly and then cancel the dispute if and when you resolve the issue between you.

It’s what makes LB great! 🤩
I disagree, this isn't Amazon, don't forget why we do this or what the alternatives are when there is no lb or alternative sources. I guess circumstances differ but I had three orders go missing in the space of a few days, I contacted each seller, 2 were amazing and replaced the orders in full with no quibble (big up eddy's edibles and iwakeubake). The other sent a block of hash that didn't cover the full order. I know for a fact these missing orders were not their fault (almost certain the posty nicked them, but we had words, it won't happen again), so for these vendors to replace them was at their own cost and effort, and I appreciate that shit. Maybe if I get obviously fucked over at some point I'll choose another route, but for now I feel talking is still the best way for me
Eddys Edibles
A good trusted vendor will always try to put customers first and in genuine cases of missing post will reship no problem or come to some agreement depending on size of order. Thanks for the big up 👍 Eddy🍭
yes its better than amazon with a lot more respect for every party.

sellers have lots of orders to make the averages work out, buyers do not. sellers also have control and thus responsibility over the process. the postman is working for the seller.

happy buyers make thriving sellers and an awesome marketplace. every smart retailer takes losses its a price of doing business.
Totally agree Eddy's - we want everyone to get what they paid for safe and sound. During the postal strikes we had so many issues (back then we sent everything signed for) but then we reached out to all our customers and asked to avoid any nonsense with strikes, missing / stolen / someone dipping into things they shouldn't - we asked for everything over our intro offering (lower cost) that we would charge large letter $7 for everything and give ND Special Delivery (which costs us an extra £1.75 per delivery) but will ensure everything is tracked and guaranteed next day - every one with the exception of one (who didnt want anything to be signed for) said "Guarenteed, there the next day and for a few dollars extra - Absolutely! ":-)

It gives us peace of mind and that way the buyer feels confident it's gonna to get to them!
And totally agree - communication between both parties is a must and keeps everyone in the loop and happy (mostly)

Peace brothers and sisters 😎
Polly speaks wise words.

Always chat to vendor.

The very few times I’ve had issues , EVERY vendor sorted it.
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